Floresville ISD Music Tutor Arrested By Net Vigilants After Trying To Meet Up With A Minor At A San Antonio Hotel: Affidavit

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San Antonio – The Texas Rangers arrested a former San Antonio music tutor caught on camera trying to meet a teenager for sex.

Records show Jacob Andrew Colozier, 28, is under 14 years old when the Colorado Paid Patrol, an online self-defense force aimed at catching child predators, uploaded a video to YouTube last month. I was accused of soliciting minors online.

The arrest warrant affidavit stated that Collozier was working as a tutor for the Floresville ISD trumpet, and that he resigned on August 28, the day after the video was posted. Floresville ISD spokeswoman Kim Cathy said she had been a third-party contractor for three years.

A video uploaded by Colorado Pedophila shows a 13-year-old girl visiting a hotel in the 100 block of Virita Street in downtown San Antonio, Colorado. A member of the Texas range wrote in the affidavit.

Celeste Hilton, a woman who volunteered for the Colorado Paid Patrol, disguised herself as a girl while chatting with social media site Whisper on Snapchat.


Hilton and Thomas Refellow, creators of the Colorado Paid Patrol, confronted Cologier at the hotel, and the affidavit states that Cologier tried to escape.

According to the Texas Rangers, in the video the collegian admitted to a Colorado pedophila that he was visiting a girl for sex and said he had child pornography on his phone.

The affidavit said that Kolodziej also took out a sex toy, which he said belonged to his wife.

Members of the Colorado Paid Patrol asked him to call his wife with speakerphone, a video shows.

You can hear Kolodziej saying, “I’m not at home, I went to see someone, and they were underage girls, 13, and I got caught, and they’re reporting to me…”

“I can’t expect you to be with me after this,” he says.

The 30-minute video ends with Korodziej leaving a black Jeep Patriot.

The Texas Rangers began investigating Collozier on September 14, when they received a signal from the Texas Crime v. Children’s Center.


Cathy said that after the Floresville ISD learned of the incident, she reported the corrodejs to the authorities and cooperated with law enforcement agencies.

Texas Rangers interviewed Hilton, who said communications began around August 24.

A screenshot of the message revealed that the collegian at Whisper had the screen name “coffee_vagrant” and that he called himself “Jake.”

According to the affidavit, he told her, “I’ll teach her a lot,” and “I can’t wait to wash you in the shower… every corner of you.”

The Texas Rangers said that Kolodziej knew the girl he was talking to was 13 and a few days later she was 14.

According to Bexar County jail records, Cologier was arrested on Monday and incarcerated on $50,000 in public debt the same day.

According to Cathy, the Floresville ISD does not believe that there has been pornographic activity between Colossier and his students. If students wish to report, they can contact the district or law enforcement agency.


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Floresville ISD Music Tutor Arrested By Net Vigilants After Trying To Meet Up With A Minor At A San Antonio Hotel: Affidavit

Source Link Floresville ISD Music Tutor Arrested By Net Vigilants After Trying To Visit A ​​Minor At A San Antonio Hotel : Affidavit


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