Federal judges hit vaccine duty for teachers in New York

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New York — A New York City school was temporarily blocked by a judge in the Federal Court of Appeals days before it was enforced to impose vaccination obligations on teachers and other staff.

The labor mission for the country’s largest school system was due to take effect from Monday. However, late Friday, a judge in the Second US Circuit Court of Appeals granted a temporary injunction and immediately referred the matter to a three-judge committee.

Daniel Filson, a spokesman for the Ministry of Education, said officials are seeking a speedy resolution by the circuit court next week.

“We are confident that the vaccine obligations will continue to be met even after all the facts have been presented, as the level of protection for students and staff is appropriate,” Filson said in an email. ..

He said that more than 82 per cent employees of the department have been vaccinated.

Most school employees are vaccinated, but New York City has 10,000 students in the school system, a union representing headmasters and teachers, as well as other employees such as cafeteria workers and school police officers. He warned that he could leave with less than a few teachers.


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio resisted calls to suspend his mission.

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Federal judges hit vaccine duty for teachers in New York

Source Link Federal Judges Hit Vaccine Duty for Teachers in New York


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