Federal government announces survey of five Texas youth facilities

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The Justice Department announced Wednesday that it has opened a statewide investigation into the condition of five Texas juvenile correctional facilities.

The declaration did not include any specific charges filed against facilities operated by the Texas Juvenile Justice Department or anything that could initiate an investigation.

According to the federal government, the investigation will determine whether the state provides children at the facility “reasonable protections from physical and sexual abuse by employees and other residents.”

Researchers are also investigating the overuse of chemical sanctions, the overuse of quarantines, and whether the state provides adequate mental health care.

“Children in juvenile training schools are often abused and abused and denied their constitutional rights,” said Kristen Clark, deputy attorney general for the Justice Department’s Department of Civil Rights.


The Justice Department said in its release that it had not reached any conclusions on any of the allegations.

According to the Justice Department, the investigation will be conducted under the Institutionalized Persons’ Civil Rights Act (CRIPA) and the Violent Crime Control Act and Enforcement Act.

Both laws give federal agents the right to “investigate systematic violations of youth rights in juvenile correctional facilities.”

Camille Cain, managing director of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, said: “The Texas Boys’ Justice Department works closely with the US Department of Justice. We all share common goals with the youth who care for us. It is their safety and security. effectiveness. Rehabilitation, and providing them with the best opportunities to lead a productive and fulfilling life. This has been the agency’s mission since joining TJJD and remains our constant focus. Growth.”


If you have relevant information, we recommend contacting the department by calling 1-866-432-0438 or emailing [email protected]


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Federal government announces survey of five Texas youth facilities

Source Link Federal Government Announces Survey of Five Texas Youth Facilities


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