Excellent Manners, Navabuco, A Name You Should Know

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Courtesy, Texas – The name Nawabuco is well known in the football world around Austin. Chucks Navabuco II was a really good player when he was in Manor High School. His son, Chux III, was a playwright who was a big hit in Hutto a few years back. Now it is the turn of young Nuwabuko. Choi is a super athletic wide receiver and courtesy running behind.

what do you want to know

  • Senior Courtesy Outstanding WR/RB
  • Promised to play at the University of Pittsburgh
  • My Brother Played at Chux III Texas Tech
  • His father, Chux II, is his trainer.

“I am glad that my father is a trainer and my brother is a top athlete in the field,” Choi said. “That’s the biggest bond. We train together, talk, laugh, joke and ride each other’s ass every day. That’s family.”

Choi is one of the senior leaders of the Manor team this year, but he has been diverse for some time. Choi Manor is a sophomore in the team and reached the fourth round of the playoffs in 2019. He learned from the seniors of the team like Taj Brooks and Princely Uman Meeren.

“It raised me as a leader, now I want to teach the youth around me,” Choi said.

Choi helped Manor start this season 5-1, and the Mustangs lead 3-0 in the district. His success in the field led to opportunities after graduating from high school. Nwabuko received several D1 scholarship offers, but eventually committed to Pitt after the summer.

“It’s something I’ve always dreamed of working on,” Choi said. “The facility is great, and the players coming out of it (the pit) are great.”

Pitt has recently built on the talents of famous NFL players such as Aaron Donald, Larry Fitzgerald and LeCine McCoy. Navabuco is expected to be the next person in the Panthers program to join the league. What he brings to the field is distinctive pace and great versatility against attacks.

“I’m a straight athlete. I put it anywhere on the field and play it,” Choi said. “I can score for you, just give me some time, and I’m ready to go every time.”

Before heading off to college next year, Nuwabko hopes to spend her high school career courtesy another deep playoff run.

Excellent Manners, Navabuco, A Name You Should Know

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