Dye, Brown Reed No. 10 Oregon, UCLA, 34-31

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Anthony Browne and No. 10 Oregon haven’t scored style points, but they continue to score important wins in seasons when college football playoff photos remain opaque at best.

With the Browns’ season-best 381-yard attack and a duck to beat UCLA 34-31 on Saturday, Travis Dye recorded a touchdown with four consecutive carries for the first time in the history of the Football Bowl subdivision.

Despite remaining the highest-ranked Pacific-12 team, Mario Cristóbal said the Ducks are only focused on what happens each week.

“I think we’ve done that. I’m 100% transparent. They understand it’s about today and the next item on the agenda. When we leave this process, I create our own problems.” are,” Cristóbal said later, with the Ducks improving 6-1 on aggregate and 3-1 in meetings. “Overall, it’s a great team victory over a really good football team.”


Four of Oregon’s six wins are under seven points. It didn’t look like it was at the start of the fourth quarter when the Browns’ 43-yard TD run extended their lead to 34-17 in the quarterback draw before the Browns rebounded.

The Browns bounced last Friday after hearing a boo at home during their 24-17 win over Cal. He had a season-best 296 yards, completed 29 of 39 passes and made 6 carries in 85 yards. Transfer graduates said they reached out to people following the conflict last week. This helped get him back on track.

“I should have played this way for a while, but the fact that it came at a big moment was important,” said Brown, who completed the pass to 11 players.

Dye, who completed 35 yards with 14 carries, was the seventh Oregon running back since 2000 and touched down at least four times early in the game. Prior to the die recording date, six players shared the mark with TD on three consecutive carries.

Oregon fell 14-0 in the first quarter before scoring five of the next six drives.

Dye scored 5 yards with 4 carries in the first quarter, then scored 1 and 4 yard runs and drew 14 times. Oregon has a 27-17 advantage.

Dorian Thompson-Robinson’s two-yard keeper took over UCLA within 34-24 at the start of the fourth quarter. Britain Brown scored in the middle of the yard after Jordan Jenmark Heath stopped Oregon’s possession.

UCLA (5-3, 3-2) had at least a tie and a chance to send overtime when Jay Shaw picked up a pass from Anthony Brown in the end zone with three minutes to spare. The Bruins went for Oregon 39, but Ethan Gerbers, who was injured early in Thompson Robinson’s drive, was stopped by DJ James with 48 seconds remaining to maintain the win.

“I had to trust my instincts. We knew we needed to play and put on the line,” said James, who intercepted in the first quarter…

Thompson-Robinson had 35 rush yards, 216 yards and 22 for 41 on TD. Brown added 45 yards and 13 carries and two touchdowns.

“I’ve known this group for a long time. They’re an incredibly resilient group. 34-17, you know, I think the game is over, but our players are not like that,” UCLA coach Chip Kelly said. He led in four seasons against the 0-3 school. “It was the fourth quarter game in itself. It was just a little small. “

UCLA took the opening kick-off and scored in a one-yard run from Britain Brown. The Bruins touched down twice after four plays when Thompson-Robinson connected with Kazmere Allen on a five-yard pass when Martel Arby blocked Tom Snee’s punt and got it back in the Oregon 30. I expanded my lead.

costly penalty

UCLA has disabled passcuts by Quentin Lake and Devin Kirkwood due to offside penalties. Oregon would take advantage of the scoring on both drives.

“You had to clean them,” Kelly said. “There were two intercepts that we rejected because they weren’t lined up in the right direction, so we’ll fix them when we get back with them.”


Kyvan Thibod, originally from Los Angeles, has once again caused havoc at a school in the area.

Oregon’s leading second defensive end had the loss of two sacks, 4 1/2 tackles and 9 tackles. These are the best of all seasons. Tibodo’s hit against Thompson Robinson in the fourth quarter resulted in the UCLA quarterback being out of the game.

“I was able to play the game I came up with. It wasn’t my best, but it’s been a good game so far. I still have to climb,” Tiboddo said.

To remove

Oregon: The ducks have come into play, allowing a rush of 139.9 yards per game, but limiting UCLA’s powerful rush attack to 110 yards and only 2.4 yards per carry.

UCLA: The Rose Bowl hasn’t been a treat for the Bruins until recently. It is the third consecutive defeat at home, while undefeated in three road games.


Oregon: We will host Colorado next Saturday.

UCLA: Next Saturday in Utah.

Dye, Brown Reed No. 10 Oregon, UCLA, 34-31


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