Dallas Police Officers Made an Illegal Search, Department Says

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The other four policemen are on leave, the ministry said.

The Dallas-Dallas Police Department issued a warrant to one of its officers and fired four others after police found video of an illegal search.

Officer Jacob Hughes was issued a warrant on Tuesday morning. 11160, to make physical evidence.

On December 9, 2020, the Dallas Police Department responded to a call about a man shooting a gun at Motel 6 on the RL Thornton Freeway.

According to court documents, police officers claimed that upon arrival, they went to the third floor of the building opposite Terry Earling.

He claimed that when he knocked on a hotel room in Earling, he opened the door and closed it immediately. Officers then said they heard Sal shot a pistol and ordered him to open the door again.

In court documents, officials claimed that Earling had opened the door, but when he was uncooperative, officers had to release him. A one-year-old horse was arrested.

Officers claimed they asked Earling where the gun was and said it was under the mattress. The officers confiscated their weapons.

However, Dallas police began investigating body camera footage of the incident, saying the police had lied to the report and illegally searched the room without a warrant.

A firearm possessor was a serious offender and facing a federal felony, so he filed his plea.

His lawyers are currently trying to overturn his sentence.

Dallas Police Department Chief Eddie Garcia told the WFAA in a previous interview that he would assist police officers when they were doing a good job, but would hold them accountable for violations of the law or policy of the Dallas Police Department.

Dallas Police Officers Made an Illegal Search, Department Says

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