Dallas Apartment Explosion: Affidavit Investigation

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Records show that the Dallas Police Department took a lucky break when the resident found the shell’s cover and handed it over to the police.

DALLAS — A cartridge case found on the lawn outside an exploded apartment building in southern Dallas matches that of a 28-year-old Philip Dunkins gun, according to court records obtained by the WFAA.

Records show that the shell cover was discovered by residents of the apartment a few hours before the explosion. After more than a week the residents handed it over to the police.

Dunkin is currently in custody in Dallas County Jail on bail for a total of $450,000. He is convicted of seven deadly acts related to the explosion.

Four Dallas firefighters and three employees of an apartment complex were injured in the explosion.

“All injuries were due to an explosion caused by a one-shot oven gas line,” court records said.

Dunkin has been in custody since October 2.

According to court records, the sequence of events leading to the explosion began on the eve of the explosion on 28 September.

Records show that Dunkins had a fight with the mother of his eight-month-old son at around 10 pm. The resident of the apartment saw him outside with his son and took him to his apartment. Dunkin came looking for him. The resident pointed his gun at Dunkins and let him go. After this the resident sent him out of his apartment. Then he too left.

According to court records, Dunkins returned between 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. and shot several times in the front door and side windows of the apartment.

“A bullet passed through a tube at the back of the oven and gas leaked,” the court record said.

Records did not show that anyone had actually seen him wielding a gun.

The leak continued till around 10 am on September 29. Residents called 911 with the smell of gas.

The fire brigade reached the spot and checked the gas leak. They met an employee of an apartment building.

When DFR firefighter Pauline Perez entered the apartment, she smelled gas and began to leave the apartment.

“At this point, the gas from the oven ignited,” the court record said.

The court gave details of the injury and what happened next.

  • Firefighter Andrew Curtis injured his right leg.
  • Chris Gadomski, who was in the air, “was blown into the back of the next apartment.”
  • Gadosumuki broke his leg and burned his arms, face, back and chest.
  • Perez, who was in the apartment at the time of the explosion, was thrown 30 feet and burned his hands, arms and thighs. He was discharged from the hospital.
  • Ronald Hall, who was at the entrance to the apartment, broke his right leg and was burned all around.
  • The most seriously injured are Gadomski and Hall hospitalised.
  • Three employees of the apartment suffered cuts and burns.

The record also describes how Dunkins became a suspect.

Two days after the explosion, arson investigators told police that the explosion was caused by ammunition.

The investigator interviewed Dunkins’ girlfriend and told her about the discussion she had with her. He said he had not seen her shoot in the apartment, but told police on 26 September that he had followed her with a gun.

Residents of the apartment confirmed that he had entered the apartment and told police that they were worried about going out late at night. He said he knew Dunkins had hit him several times before.

On 2 October, Dunkins was arrested on suspicion of intensifying the attack linked to the September 26 incident.

According to court records, police found a black bag containing crack cocaine, marijuana, powdered cocaine and a Ruger 380 handgun from where he was arrested.

According to court records, she waived Miranda’s right to self-incrimination.

He told police that he drove around the campus for several hours before boarding an Uber in South Dallas at around 2:30 p.m. They did not allow the apartment to be set on fire.

However, Dunkins admitted to possessing a gun with the drug, the records say.

On 9 October, detectives began calling residents who had been evacuated because of the explosion.

One of the residents who lived in the exploded building told police that he was walking about five or six hours before the explosion. He said that he saw some shell coverings on the grass. He picked up a casing and stored it.

After talking to the detective, he handed it over to the police.

On October 18, the record returned that a pistol found at Dunkins “fired a cover found at the crime scene.”

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