Court stops using health orders to evacuate immigrant families

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Washington – A federal judge ruled Thursday that the US government must stop using public health orders during the Trump era to speed up immigrants with children arrested at the US-Mexico border. ..

US District Court Judge Emmett Sullivan closed the protestors’ practice, saying they unreasonably relied on the threat posed by COVID-19 to deprive people of their right to seek asylum in the United States. Give the government two weeks’ time.

Sullivan issued a temporary injunction saying it was likely to succeed in responding to proceedings filed on behalf of immigrant families by the American Civil Liberties Union and others challenging the use of a public health law known as Title 42. . did.

“President Biden should have ended this cruel and lawless policy long ago, and the court rejected it today,” said ACLU Immigration Rights Project director Omar Jadwat. I did

The Biden administration was evaluating the decision and there was no immediate comment on whether it would appeal.


Human Rights First, an organization that records cases of family and personal kidnapping and sexual assaults sent to Mexico as part of the policy, will suspend the use of Title 42 against the Biden administration before the injunction goes into effect on the 14th. I requested

“In response to this decision, the Biden administration supports refugee legislation enacted by Congress, rather than permanently humiliating the President’s legacy by perpetuating and furthering this illegal and inhumane Trump policy. You have to choose that,” said Refugee Protection with Human Rights First.

Title 42 was called for under President Donald Trump in the early days of the pandemic. It appears to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in detention facilities without giving border guards the opportunity to stay in the United States. asylum or for other reasons.


Opponents say they have no legitimate public health basis or legal right to deny people their right to seek protection in the United States from persecution, which is essentially a restrictive immigration policy cover. where did it go.

The judge said in a ruling that the use of Title 42 in this case was “probably illegal” and that “tests, vaccines and other minimal measures” were taken to address the potential pandemic of COVID-19. Given its wide availability,” called it unnecessary.

President Joe Biden stopped the practice of expelling his children after receiving reports that his children were being sent to a dangerous city on the Mexican border alone, but with most other immigrants. I kept walking away.

In recent months, Mexico has begun to reduce its acceptance of immigrant families with children, and the United States has allowed some people to stay in the country while they are trying to stay afloat.

In August, the United States launched Title 42, expelling 16,240 people traveling with family groups along the southwestern border, according to the latest data from Customs and Border Protection.


In the same month, more than 86,000 migrants with minor children were encountered at the border. Those who are not immediately deported are subject to US regulations that allow them to pursue legal residency in deportation through the immigration court system.

The total number of immigrants arriving at the US-Mexico border in August was about 209,000, down 2% from the previous month, but beyond the most recent active periods of 2019 and 2014, since 2000. It was a level I couldn’t see.

One of the consequences of rapid evictions is people repeatedly trying to enter the country illegally. According to Customs and Border Protection, 25% of those faced in August were suspended at least once in the past year, compared with 14% in the previous year. The Biden administration said in July that it would start prosecuting criminals again.

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