County City Provides $32 Million Incentive for Spurs’ Human Performance Complex

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San Antonio San Antonio and Bexar County are providing a $32 million incentive to Spurs Sports and Entertainment to help create a nearly 50-acre multipurpose development at the northwest tip.

The “Human Performance Complex” will include a new training facility for the team. Restaurant, retail and commercial space. “Institute of Human Performance”. 22 acre park. and outdoor plaza.

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The approximately 50-acre campus, outlined by Spurs Sports and Entertainment, is located near Loops 1604 and I-10, near La Cantera and Six Flags. The plan includes practice facilities, parks, office space and a “Human Demonstration Institute”. (Spurs Sports & Entertainment)

The Spurs organization estimates that $501.8 million will be invested in the project over a five-year period. Spurs officials had previously told KSAT that the project would be funded primarily by retail investors.

Spurs officials estimate that the site could have more than 1,700 potential full-time employees.


“We have worked together to bring communities and people together to create a campus that takes advantage of the elite environment of military, medicine, technology and elite sports. Not only research and development on human factors, but also parks and A gathering place for community participation in community spaces,” SSE CEO RC Buford told the Bexar County Commission on August 10.

That day the commissioner agreed to invest $15 million in the project, but the form of support has not yet been decided. In return, the county acquires land for the parks maintained and operated by the Spurs. This is similar to the agreement with AT&T Center or Toyota Field.

The San Antonio city council will vote Thursday to provide a tax refund of up to $17 million for the project. The Spurs will pay property taxes under the deal, but will receive back 60% of the city’s tax bill for real estate improvements.


The exemption lasts up to 23 years, or until the $17 million limit is reached.

However, the city’s transaction involved a capital investment of at least $246 million on the site, the creation of at least 15 jobs that pay more than $50,000 annually, the city’s tree and water quality regulations. Consent and publicity to comply. Help, SA: Participate in the Ready to Work program and pay $1.3 million for the project’s public art.

The city’s incentives apply to approximately 24 acres of projects that do not include parks.

The city estimates that the project will cut the city $21.6 million over the 25 years of the contract based on tax revenue, construction and job creation from the site, regardless of rebates and other costs.

District councilor Manny Perez, who represents that area, said Thursday that most of the city council voted for the tax refund incentive “there is no doubt about it.”


“So, for those who think it’s just a free gift, I remind everyone that there’s a bloody economic growth battle, and because we’re competing with other cities. – You know, Smart Work and High -You’re paying for it, aren’t you? And San Antonio is lucky that we landed one more of these big projects. “I will,” Pélez said.

Pélez pointed to the economic impact of the project, including the number of jobs and the reputation of being a laboratory.

“Because it is the destination for athletic teams, military teams and, as I said, teams of firefighters, police teams and others who depend on human performance, the prestige of our hat. It is also a feather, the excellence that makes their organization better, and we will be that destination,” Perez said.

SSE was unable to respond to an interview Monday, but a spokesperson emailed a statement from CEO RC Buford.


“The Human Performance Campus is an exciting part of our collective future for our city, our community, and Spurs Sports & Entertainment. Over the past 50 years, San Antonio and the Spurs have grown and developed together in amazing ways. We are confident that this project will continue that tradition and impact the region, region and country. “

Similarly, the City of San Antonio sent the following statement from Mayor Eric Walsh:

“City and Spurs Sports and Entertainment closely aligned this development with the UTSA Regional Center Plan adopted by the city council in 2019. The agreement limits impermeability coverage, maintains canopies and incorporates renewable energy However, a development standard will be created for this grandparent’s property. Energy production and greenery that protects water quality and minimizes waste. In addition, SS&E’s $1.3 million investment in public art is local The artist community. It will create more opportunities. The project’s net financial benefit to the city over the entire contract period is more than $21 million and total profits exceed $39 million.”



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County City Provides $32 Million Incentive for Spurs’ Human Performance Complex

Source Link County City Provides $32 Million Incentive for Spurs’ Human Performance Complex


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