China vows to keep Taiwan away from Pacific industry clusters

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Beijing Beijing said on Wednesday it would withhold applications to participate in the Pacific Rim trade initiative, explaining why it refused to recognize Taiwan as part of China.

The Taiwan Secretariat of the Cabinet said on Wednesday that Taiwan’s participation in regional trade cooperation is based on the “one China principle”.

“We oppose the Taiwan region joining or signing official trade agreements,” spokesman Zhu Fenghuang told reporters at a biweekly briefing. Rice field.

China claims to have democratically dominated Taiwan as its territory and controls it as necessary. It refuses to recognize the island’s government and is increasingly calling for the secession of President Tsai Ing-wen’s independence-oriented regime.

Taiwan announced on 23 September that it had applied for participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement, a week after China submitted its application for participation.


The CPTPP of 11 countries that came into force in 2018 includes agreements on market access, labor migration and government procurement. Other members include Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Singapore and New Zealand. Britain has also started talks to join it after leaving the European Union.

The CPTPP was originally called the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a group promoted by then-President Barack Obama. His successor, Donald Trump, moved back in 2017. President Joe Biden did not rejoin.

During the civil war, China and Taiwan split after the Communist Party took control of the mainland in 1949. There is a wide range of trade and investment relations between them, but none is official. China is increasingly using threatening language on the island, exerting military, diplomatic and economic pressure on the island.

Zhu’s remarks were a previous statement by Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian that China “strongly opposes official contact between Taiwan and other countries and Taiwan’s accession to an agreement or organization of an official nature.” after.


Taiwan’s government had predicted that China would try to block its entry. It says that democracy and its status as a market economy should be counted in favor.

“Taiwan and China follow different organizational structures. Nonprofits Minister John Dane said at a news conference after the announcement last week.

Taiwan has applied under the name “Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Pine Customs Area” to participate in the CPTPP. This is the name used to join the World Trade Organization in 2002.

Due to its economic and political influence, China has in recent years taken a strict stance towards such organizations, especially with regard to Taiwan.

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China vows to keep Taiwan away from Pacific industry clusters

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