Chief detective and prosecutor take part in Randy Halpin’s trial

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A Dallas County judge said Randy Halpin should be prosecuted fairly because the former judge made racist rhetoric. Halprin is Jewish.

It was on Christmas Eve 2000 that Officer Aubrey Hawkins responded to a robbery at an Ochsman sporting goods store in Irving. Hawkins was ambushed by seven inmates who had escaped from a South Texas prison two weeks earlier.

Toby Shook was the chief prosecutor when the prisoner was finally captured and brought to justice.

When Officer Hawkins drove the car, he surrounded the car and began shooting 30 rounds of ammunition at the car. Hawkins was shot 13 times and evidence suggests that five guns were used,” Shook said.

One of the accused committed suicide before being caught. Six others, including Randy Halprin, were convicted and sentenced to death.

Irving Police Chief Jeff Spivey was the main detective in the case.

His testimony shows that he was one of the people shot during the shooting itself. We knew he was in the backlot, and he was from the police car,” Spivey said.

The evidence is not disputed, but Jew Halpin called for a new trial, claiming that Judge Vince Cunningham was anti-Semitic and known to use racial slurs. Rice field. After reviewing the evidence, Dallas County District Judge Rare Mays agreed.

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“In light of the evidence, the court found that Judge Halpin had a genuine subjective bias against Halpin because he was Jewish,” Maze said in its findings. said.

She advised Halpin to undergo a new test.

“This judgment and conclusion are not about evidence. If the judge is sitting, if there is evidence of a partisan agenda against a defendant or group, it is about client due process,” Shook said. ..

The WFAA re-examined the case 21 years later and asked Spivey how difficult it was to find a witness who witnessed the murder.

“It will take a while for them to track down what they remember and it’s incredibly painful to re-live the process,” Spivey said.

Halpin’s lawyer, Tibon Chardor, said: The facts were never disputed. Contrary to what the state said, the Constitution protects the people of Texas from religious bias in the criminal justice system. We are confident that the Criminal Court of Appeals will reach the same conclusion and order a new fair trial for Randy Halpin. ”

It is the responsibility of the Criminal Appeals Court to decide whether Halpin will be subject to a further trial or will eventually be enforced.

Chief detective and prosecutor take part in Randy Halpin’s trial

Source Link Chief Detective and Prosecutor Attend Randy Halprin’s Trial


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