Chicago teen shooting is overwhelming

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Washington — Former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday did nothing unfair, but still insufficient, to treat the deadly cops who shot and killed a black teenager in the city seven years ago. Said. Confirmation of President Joe Biden as Ambassador to Japan.

Several liberal lawmakers and activists urged the Senate to reject Emmanuel’s nomination after handling the death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, who was shot 16 times as police left the streets of Chicago. Emmanuel’s hearing on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee marks the seventh anniversary of McDonald’s assassination.

Critics of Emmanuel argue that his nomination is out of sync with the administration’s values ​​that “comprehensive and meaningful police reform” is a priority.


However, Emmanuel, who refused to publish a police dashcam video of the murder for more than a year and only released it after being compelled by a state court, had a police video in his hand at the time.

“Seven years ago to the present day a serious tragedy has occurred in the city of Chicago. For the past seven years, every day, every week, that tragedy has been with me,” Emmanuel said.

The reputation of Emmanuel’s sharp elbows, an Illinois lawmaker and chief adviser to Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama who has grown in national affairs over the decades, also reflects his international diplomatic flair. part of the background you are trying to do. Japan is conscious of protocol. ..

Once confirmed, Emmanuel went to Biden’s Japan at a time when the two countries were trying to strengthen their ties, as China, a common enemy of the two countries, is an economic and national security competitor in the Pacific Ocean. strengthened its position. became its chief ambassador.


Emmanuel told the commission, “Deepening these ties while facing common challenges is a top priority. China aims to win through division. America’s strategy is unity and security. The unity of the region is based on the Japan-US alliance.” “”

Democratic senators have not publicly said they would vote against Emmanuel. The White House is expected to win support from several Republicans, including Senator Bill Haggerty of Tennessee, who was President Donald Trump’s ambassador to Japan.

Among the most important Democrats in Emmanuel’s nomination is New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who called the pick “very embarrassing,” and that the Senate “did the right thing to block his nomination.” It’s Corey Bush in Missouri who made the call out. ..”

Hagti and Senator Dick Durbin (Illinois) formally present Emmanuel at a hearing. Mr Hagti is confident that Emmanuel has many issues against him, but the candidate shares an unwavering belief that “US-Japan relations are the cornerstone of peace and prosperity” in the Indo-Pacific. said.


With the release of McDonald’s video, Chicago has made a series of policy changes regarding police cameras, the use of force, and training. A few months before the video was released, the city agreed to pay McDonald’s family $5 million.

Jason Van Dyke, a policeman who shot McDonald’s 16 times. He was convicted of second murder and 16 felony assaults and sentenced to 6 years and 9 months in prison. The episode strained Emmanuel’s relationship with the city’s large black community.

Eight black members of the Chicago City Council, who were Emmanuel’s aides during his tenure, in a letter to the Senate called for a one-day extension of the city’s public school to a long-neglected black neighborhood. He praised Emmanuel for taking other steps that would benefit him.

McDonald’s great-uncle Rev Martin Hunter also wrote on Emmanuel’s behalf, claiming that Emmanuel “inherited a very flawed system” in a police investigation that tied his hand, and Emmanuel told the commission. Said Hunters prayed together about the case and wished there was a “magic wand” to fix what was broken in the criminal justice system.


In a letter to the commission, Hunter wrote: “This man has more than a publicly available caricature.”

If confirmed, Emmanuel would follow a long line of prominent politicians sent to Tokyo by the presidents of both parties. The list includes former Vice President Walter Mondale, former Speaker of the House Mike Mansfield, former Speaker of the House Tom Foley, John F. Kennedy’s daughter Caroline Kennedy and former White House Chief of Staff Ronald Reagan Howard. – Baker included.

However, diplomacy was not necessarily Emmanuel’s strong action. His old boss, Obama, admitted during Emmanuel’s mayor’s re-election campaign that Emmanuel can be “a little crazy” at times.

Emmanuel once sent a dead fish to a pollster. Polester’s work was disjointed and mythical by his dull, and often raw communication style.

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