Chicago prosecutor charges gangster suspect with murder of rapper FBG Duck

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Five alleged Chicago gang members were charged with shooting rapper FBG Duck on Chicago’s North Side last summer.

The O-Block gang shot 26-year-old FBG Duck (real name Carlton Weekly) in August 2020 in the trendy Gold Coast district “Chicago, claiming responsibility for the violence in social media and music. Their criminal organization was using it.” The US law firm in Chicago said in a press release.

Left, Chicago rapper FBG Duck, right, The Chicago Police Department investigates a shooting scene that took place on August 4, 2020 in Chicago’s 70 E. He was murdered on Oak Street, with the other two wounded.
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Chicago-based Charles Riggins (30), Kenneth Roberson (28), Takaros Offer (30), Christopher Thomas (22), and Marcus Smart (22) are racket killers. He was charged with racket assault and various weapons.

At an afternoon court hearing, Lignins, Offered, Thomas and Smart acquitted and the judge ordered detention until the trial. Roberson has not appeared in court, and the federal prosecutor’s office said his first hearing was not scheduled.

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The Weekly was standing outside an Oak Street store earlier in the day when two men got into two cars, fired shots, returned to the car and got out of the car. The weekly newspaper was killed and a woman and another man were injured. Police said it was like a weekly or “targeted” attack on another nearby person.

FBG Duck is reportedly best known for its 2018 hit “Slide”. This song has been played more than 65 million times on YouTube so far.

The Chicago Tribune reports that police determined the weekly may have been targeted because it had produced a video that looked at a rival gang member who had died a few days earlier.

Liggins, Ofard, Thomas and Smart were arrested on Wednesday morning. According to the release, Roberson was already lodged in the Cook County Jail.

Federal murder counts include a mandatory minimum life sentence and a maximum death penalty.

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Police officer David Brown of the Chicago Police Department said the new indictment would send the message, “We are chasing gangsters in this city.”

Fox News’ Caitlin McFall and the Associated Press contributed to this report..

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