California law requires gender-neutral areas in some stores

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Sacramento, California – California on Saturday became the first state where large department stores said they had to display their products such as toys and toothbrushes in a gender-neutral manner.

The new law, signed by Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, does not outlaw the traditional boys and girls section of department stores. Instead, he says that larger stores need a gender-neutral section to display a “reasonable choice” of items “traditionally for girls or boys.” ..

Clothes are not included. This law only applies to toys and “childcare products” which include hygiene products and tooth-development products. Also, this only applies to stores with 500 or more employees. In other words, SMEs are exempted.

San Jose Democrat Evan Low, who drafted the bill, said he was “incredibly grateful” for Newsom’s signature on the bill this year. This was the third time that Democrats in the state legislature tried to pass the bill, and a similar bill failed in 2019.


Mr Law said he was inspired by one of the employees, a 10-year-old girl. She asked her mother why some things in the store were “out of bounds” for her since she was a girl.

“We have to stop stigmatizing what is acceptable to a particular gender and babying our own children,” the law said. “We hope this bill will encourage more businesses to avoid reinforcing harmful and outdated stereotypes in California and across the United States.”

California is the first state to demand it, but some large department stores have already changed the way products are displayed. Target Corp. has 1,915 stores nationwide and announced that it would stop using gender-based signs in its stores in 2015.

The law was opposed by some Republicans and some conservative groups, who argued that the government should not teach parents how to shop for their children.

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California law requires gender-neutral areas in some stores

Source Link California law requires gender-neutral areas in some stores


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