Britney Spears thanks fans of #FreeBritney after taking dad

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Supporters of Britney Spears, Kiki Norbert at left in Phoenix, Arizona, and Carlos Morales in Los Angeles look outside the Stanley Mosque County Hall on Wednesday, September 29, 2021 in Los Angeles. A Los Angeles judge will hear Wednesday whether Spears’ father should be removed from the custodian of her life and wealth and the legal system be shut down entirely (AP Photo/). Chris Pizzello)

Los Angeles Britney Spears thanks fans who have called #FreeBritney over the years for major changes to the power of attorney that has long dominated her life and wealth.

Same post by Spears Twitter And Monday was his first public comment on the Instagram case since a judge last week barred his father from being the custodian of his estate.

“#FreeBrittanyMovement…I have no words…Thank you for your continued resilience to free me from you and my parents…my life is headed in that direction now!!!!!” Spears said in a post accompanying her short, wordless video. “I cried for two hours last night because my fans are the best and I know it… I feel your heart and you feel mine… What I know is true.”


The spear has not been completely freed from the guardianship system. Legal arrangements that have been in place since 2008, with the exception of the father, may come to an end with a hearing on November 12.

Fans are constantly searching for mysterious comments on her Instagram posts about her safety, but singers rarely write about it directly on social media.

Her attorney, Matthew Rosengart, has vowed to investigate his father, James Spears, and his treatment of the power of attorney, which is still his dismissal.

James Spears’ attorney said there was no reason for his dismissal, that his actions were always in his daughter’s best interest, and that his suspension was “a loss to Britney”.

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Britney Spears thanks fans of #FreeBritney after taking dad

Source Link Britney Spears thanks fans of #FreeBritney after carrying dad


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