Bravo summons Erica Jane footage in proceedings and legal issues

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Fox News has confirmed that an attorney involved in one of several proceedings against “Beverly Hills Real Housewives” star Erica Jane and her estranged husband Tom Girardi issued a summons to Bravo’s producer on Wednesday. Down.

According to a subpoena obtained by Fox News, lawyers are looking for unreleased footage of “RHOBH” including Erica Jayne.

Lawyer Jay Ederson, who previously worked with Girardi, told Fox News that he believed Bravo had footage directly related to proceedings he had already filed against the reality show stars.

“We believe Bravo has hundreds of hours of unreleased footage and documents directly related to the incident,” Adelson told Fox News exclusively. “So far, Bravo has used the Girardi embezzlement scam to upgrade and make significant money for itself.”

“Victims like to eat caviar pie or drink specially made vodka provided by white-gloved staff when lip service is paid for Tom’s ruined life.” I suffered seeing the cast of “Housewife,” Adelson said. “The victims are “forced” to move into an apartment for $10,000 a month, while Erica and her charming team parade in a lifestyle. Which most of us don’t know about. I have seen crocodile tears crying when I am there.”

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A lawyer involved in Erica Jane’s court battle has summoned unreleased footage from “The Real Housewife in Beverly Hills” after she claimed to be directly involved in a civil lawsuit filed against a reality show star. Down.
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The allegation against Girdhari $2 million embezzled from plane crash victims In December, the couple’s assets were frozen. Jane Divorce 1 month ago.

Girardi and Jane are accused of getting divorced to protect their money and property.

Fox News obtained a court document showing Girardi’s law firm in August. I had a debt of over $100 million. and an entertainment company owned by Jayne – EJ Global LLC – reportedly received $25 million From Girdhari.

Adelson calls on Bravo to “stop protecting” Erica Jane.

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“The decision not to make a bad decision to help Bravo change course, to stop protecting Erica and her own profits, to undermine our investigation, and to help the victims get back the money they needed. I want ,” Adelson’s statement said.

Erica Jayne’s attorney, Evan Borges, confirmed to Fox News that he had never seen a subpoena and considered the move a “fishing operation.”

“The summons sounds like a fishing expedition or a desperate move when directed at Erica,” Borges told Fox News in a statement. “I continue to explain that there is no hidden treasure backed by providing bankruptcy trustees with all relevant bank accounts and financial information owned by Erica.

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“There is very little additional information that the trustee needs to provide. This, along with all the other information that we have provided, is due to Erica’s notice of divorce for good reason and she will do it herself. Indicates that You’re trying to make it up.”

Bravo did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News.

Fox News’ Julius Young contributed to this report.


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