Boston’s JD Martinez trips to base and sprains his ankle

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Boston Red Sox slugger JD Martinez isn’t used to playing all defense. After all, he is usually a designated hitter. So that’s probably why he stumbled on base while going to the outfield on Sunday and got into some trouble.

Martinez’s condition remained unknown after the Boston Nationals sprained his left ankle and defeated the Washington Nationals 7-5 in the regular season finals of the Boston Nationals in an AL wildcard game with the New York Yankees on Tuesday.

Martinez was playing right fielder against Washington, as the National League does not use DH in stadium matches (the rules may change as soon as next season).


And Martinez, so to speak, set foot there on a daily trek, and should have been wearing gloves at the bottom of the fifth inning.

“He stepped on the bag and sprained his ankle,” said Boston manager Alex Cora. “He fielded the innings defensively.”

It was Martinez’s seventh match as a right fielder in 2021. He was the starting pitcher for 113 games for DH and 28 games for left fielder.

Martinez was replaced by Jose Iglesias at the top of the sixth inning, and Hunter Renfro moved from center fielder to the bottom of the innings as part of a series of defensive switches explaining the move.

“Everyone has stepped up. It’s our job,” Koke said. “Someone has fallen and someone has to come in and work.”

Martinez is an important part of Boston’s lineup. He started Sunday with an average of 0.286, 42 doubles leading AL, 28 home runs and 99 RBIs.

“I don’t know, I’ll know more tomorrow,” Cola said on Sunday, “whether or not Martinez was ready for Tuesday night’s match against rival Yankees at Fenway Park.

Boston’s JD Martinez trips to base and sprains his ankle

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