Boeing tells workers they should be vaccinated for COVID-19

Texas News Today

Seattle Boeing has informed its employees that it may be vaccinated against COVID-19 or may be fired.

The Seattle Times reports that the aerospace giant’s workers deadline is December 8.

“Compliance with these requirements is a condition of employment,” said Boeing’s internal presentation from Tuesday, seen by the newspaper. “Employees who fail to meet these requirements … may be released from the company.”

Employees can apply for a tax exemption “due to a disability or conscientious religious beliefs.” Employees entitled to such tax exemptions must be prepared to “take frequent COVID-19 tests” and “provide negative test results on demand.”

This policy applies to approximately 125,000 US-based employees company-wide, of whom approximately 57,000 are in Washington state.


In a message to members of the October issue of the union paper, John Holden, president of District 751 of the International Mechanics Association (IAM), said, “Our members are polarizing on this issue. It is a reality.”

“It is our responsibility to protect and defend all members,” Holden said. He and his family said they had been vaccinated, but the union must also “defend those who do not or do not accept the vaccine.”

A white-collar association, the Aerospace Professional Employees Association (SPEA), said in a statement Tuesday that it is working with Boeing “to ensure that implementation properly considers member concerns.” ..

Boeing may face more resistance to new Republican-controlled state policies.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order on Monday banning private companies or other groups from seeking vaccines.

Boeing has more than 5,000 employees in Texas. There are approximately 32,000 more facilities in Alabama, Arizona, Missouri, Oklahoma and South Carolina.

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Boeing tells workers they should be vaccinated for COVID-19

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