Black Hair Experience Debuts in Dallas

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Everything is getting bigger in Dallas – Texas. It can be perfect for the hair or it can mean a celebration. The newest Selfie Museum in North Texas is a perfect example of how the two look when combined.

At the Black Hair Experience exhibit, visitors can watch Instagram actions. The setup and display have been designed as a tribute and celebration to black hair. Whether you wear your hair straight or textured, the thing is, black women will be accepted and feel beautiful.

“It’s an art. It’s definitely an art,” said Ashton Tucker, who has been behind Bassine and the styling chair for 10 years as a hairstylist.

Tucker is a woman who takes pride in showing off her baby hair, blonde plaits, and a bun full of curls. She says that exploring the repertoire will transport her to a time before she became a licensed hairstylist.

“There are a lot of performances that make you feel nostalgic, as if you were in your room and a Barbie doll was combing your hair,” Tucker said.

Hairstylist Tucker’s friend Sebastiana Black is also on a memorable track. Black says her difficult childhood shaped her career as she grew up watching her mother look good and was discouraged from caring for her after she became a victim of drugs in the ’80s. As a little girl, Black also says that the only way she knew how to keep her mother’s devil away was by plucking short hair.

“My mother used to be a beautiful girl and a beautiful woman. You must have heard stories of her beauty. You don’t want his hair to look shabby or to walk the streets looking crazy. I knew it,” Black explained.

The confident feeling that comes when a man is free to wear his hair however he pleases is an experience that Alisha Brooks and Elizabeth Davis do not take lightly. The two women created a space to allow visitors to take beautiful photos, and because the expression of hair is a political subject in Texas.

The state’s Crown bill aims to end discriminatory restrictions on blades, locks and twists in schools and workplaces. It was not passed in the last session.

“One of the most important things to me has to do with the message,” Davis said.

“We thought we could take that message further by bringing on this heady and dark-haired fest,” explained Brooks.

Black Girl’s Magical Playground will be open until the end of the year.

Black Hair Experience Debuts in Dallas

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