Biden is the first president to celebrate Indigenous Day

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Washington President Joe Biden on Friday announced the first presidential proclamation of Indigenous People’s Day, the most significant boost to efforts to refocus the federal holiday celebrating Christopher Columbus toward Indigenous gratitude. I have given.

The day will be celebrated on 11 October along with Columbus Day, which was established by Parliament.

“For generations, federal policy has followed the systematic assimilation of indigenous peoples and the eradication of indigenous cultures,” Biden wrote in the announcement for Indigenous People’s Day. .. “Today we recognize the resilience and strength of Indigenous peoples and their positive impact on all aspects of American society.”

In another Columbus Day proclamation, Biden praised the role of Italian-Americans in American society, but also noted the violence and harm Columbus and other explorers of the era brought to America.


“Today we also acknowledge the tragic history of the mistakes and atrocities that many European explorers have committed on Aboriginal nations and indigenous communities,” Biden wrote. “It is a measure of our greatness as a nation that we do not try to fill these shameful episodes of the past. We face them honestly, reveal them and deal with them. Do it as much as you can. “

It’s a break from the enthusiastic advocacy of “brave heroes” like Columbus in President Donald Trump’s 2020 holiday announcement.

“Sadly, in recent years, radical activists have tried to undermine the legacy of Christopher Columbus,” Trump said at the time. Violation. “

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Biden is the first president to celebrate Indigenous Day

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