Biden and other leaders unite for further action on climate

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President Joe Biden sought to downplay the climate-devastating methane leaks on Friday in a private virtual session with a small group of other global leaders as the world tries to take the world’s next step against rapidly deteriorating climate change. announced a new US-European pledge to do so.

At the start of the session, Biden warned scientists this year that the level of climate damage from the burning of oil, gas and coal is approaching a stage of catastrophic and irreversible.

“We have to act, we have to act now,” Biden composed exclusively, showing a virtual array of solar panels in the background and a wall of other world leaders listening in on the screen. We talked about the White House set that was built.

The Biden administration has called the meeting as an opportunity for some of the world’s leaders to strategize ways to significantly and quickly reduce emissions of climate-destroying oil and coal. The administration is also trying to rebuild a major US economic forum, a climate group founded by President Barack Obama and revived by Biden, as an important forum for international climate negotiations.


Following the much larger and lucrative virtual White House climate summit in April, Friday’s meeting was attended by several government leaders representing allies and rivals, countries large and small, against the need for action on climate change. He gave a massive speech.

The list provided by attendees on Friday included only nine leaders from Argentina, Bangladesh, Indonesia, South Korea, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the European Council, the European Union Commission and the United Nations.

China, India and Russia, along with the United States, are the countries that emit the most climate-damaging gases from the production and combustion of oil, natural gas and coal, and there is no word on the involvement of their leaders. Was.

Climate advocates are working more quickly with the United States in working with Europe and Asia to reduce the use of dirty burning coal in China, which produces more climate-damaging fumes than other developed countries combined. emits. It stresses the importance of coordination as a united front to move forward—especially thermal power plants.


Biden is the public release of an otherwise private meeting with the EU as the new US aims to reduce the two entities’ methane emissions by about one-third by the end of the decade. We also discussed the deal. Methane is a powerful source of climate damage flowing from countless uncapped oil and gas rigs, leaks from natural gas pipelines, and other oil and gas facilities.

Biden sought to make the United States again a leader in global climate change efforts after President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the climate change accord in Paris. But domestically, Biden is attempting to get a bigger investment from Congress on climate-friendly measures like electric vehicle charging stations, facing opposition from Republicans and some Democrats.

Following Friday’s session, a private session of 35-40 world leaders will be held on Monday morning, hosted by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


The private session aims to ensure that global leaders attend the UN climate change session in November, promising significant new actions to delay climate change. Biden and his colleagues are calling for a UN climate summit in Glasgow to promise that the world will sharply reduce fossil fuel use to prevent worse scenarios of global warming.


Nickmeyer reported from Oklahoma City.

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