Austrian leaders vow to remain on bribery charges

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Berlin Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz has promised to remain a national leader, denying fraud, saying anti-corruption prosecutors are investigating on suspicion of bribery.

Prosecutors said Wednesday it was investigating Kurtz and nine others, and did not identify three organizations, on suspicion of breach of trust and bribery. He searched the Prime Minister’s Office, the Treasury and the conservative Austrian People’s Party office in Kurz.

The case focuses on allegations that Treasury funds were used to pay for manipulation published in newspapers between 2016 and at least 2018 without declaring them as advertisements. .. Mr Kurtz was appointed leader and prime minister in 2017, previously serving as Austrian foreign. Minister.

In another case, the 35-year-old prime minister was investigated in May by anti-corruption officials on suspicion of making false statements to a parliamentary commission.


Kurz denied responsibility for the latest incident in an interview with ORF’s public television on Wednesday night.

“There is no indication that I directed the advertisements or elections conducted by the Treasury,” he said. He said that the text message sent by him did not contain any instructions or requests. Everything is under Kurz’s supervision. “

The prime minister said the allegation was “very quiet”.

“I don’t understand why I’m always responsible for all the fraud,” he said. “Let’s find out if these allegations against Treasury employees are true. With the best of will in the world, I can’t imagine it.”

When asked whether he would remain prime minister in light of his investigation, Kurtz replied, “Absolutely.”

Older party officials claim that a recent planned search by the media was violated to hurt the party and Kurtz.

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Austrian leaders vow to remain on bribery charges

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