Austin-Travis County downgraded to Stage 4

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Austin, Texas – Shows that things are slowly moving in the right direction. On Tuesday morning, Austin Public Health downgraded the Austin-Travis County area to Stage 4 COVID-19 guidelines.

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  • On September 28, Austin Public Health downgraded the Austin-Travis County area to Stage 4 COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Austin has been under Stage 5 guidelines since early August, which also include strict recommendations.
  • Hospitalisation, new cases of COVID-19, positive rate declining
  • The Step 4 guidelines recommend that you continue to use a mask in most settings while you are fully vaccinated. Partial and unvaccinated people are encouraged to avoid meetings, travel, diets and other activities unless deemed necessary.

The five stages of risk-based guidelines are determined by the number of hospitalizations, among other factors. Austin has been under Stage 5 guidelines since early August.

According to Austin Public Health, although the number of people in the intensive care unit is still high, hospitalizations, the moving average of new 7-day COVID cases, and a positive rate are declining in the region.

“The delta version has shown how unpredictable and potentially deadly this virus can be, especially if unvaccinated,” said Dr. Desmarwock of the Austin-Travis County Health Department. Growth. “But if we continue to see the data moving in a positive direction, we cannot act as if the pandemic is over. Our hospital and ICU are still at critical level and we are new. Citizens must continue to work together to avoid contributing to the pandemic. ”

There are two key points from the Stage 4 guidelines, Austin Public Health reports. They:

Fully vaccinated individuals should wear a mask when participating in indoor activities such as travel, dining and shopping. You will also need to wear a mask for outdoor activities where you cannot maintain social distance.

Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated people should avoid meeting, dining, shopping and travelling. We recommend using masks for important activities.

Scribd Craig Non-Vaccination Guidelines

“Vaccination is an individual decision, but these decisions have a direct impact on the health of our community and the hospital system we share with surrounding counties and those who are too young to be vaccinated.”” Adrian, Public “If you try to crush this virus and avoid moving, you can’t take your foot off the gas,” said Austin, the interim director of health.

According to data from the Texas Department of Health, as of September 27, 70.67% of eligible Travis County residents had been vaccinated.

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Austin-Travis County downgraded to Stage 4

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