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Washington – Army captain Kim Pierre Zamora remembers the protective vest he issued a few years ago when he received basic training. It was a medium size that hung so much that it was difficult to bend even to lift something.

Pierre Zamora said, “Whenever I tried to move a weapon, hang it over my shoulder, or shoot a pop-up range quickly, I had to physically raise my weapon to hang it over my shoulder.” Had to lay down and move his vest.” ..

This is a common complaint from women soldiers and men of short stature who suffered from heavy armor during the more than 20 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. But in the past few weeks, for the first time ever, the military has begun distributing three additional sizes of armor: Extra Small Short, Small Short and Small Long. The armor can be adjusted in a number of ways to better fit and allow soldiers to move faster and more freely.

In the past few weeks, the Modular Scalable Vest has been distributed to more than 4,500 soldiers at the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Women soldiers can get a new version of the combat shirt that matches the woman’s size. These shirts will be distributed only when the soldiers are deployed.


Army researchers have been working on the change for years, trying to come up with lighter, better-fitting combat equipment.

Initially, the effort to add size responded to complaints from women soldiers who were increasingly shifting to combat jobs that were previously only open to men. As more women were stationed in the battle field, they often found that they were smaller and smaller than many men, and needed armor that would allow for narrower shoulders, busts, and hips.

But soon the army decided to make the vest unisex. Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Miller said this was based on the belief that smaller male soldiers who might need a smaller or smaller size vest refused to take anything. It was a “stamped lady”. He is the Product Manager of Soldier Protective Equipment for PEO Soldier, a military organization that coordinates the defense of armor, weapons, and other equipment.


This move proved successful.

Pierre Zamora, assistant product manager for PEO Soldier, said that approximately 25% (1,200 men) of the 82nd Airborne Division had received the three new sizes of armor so far. Of the 1,200 people, about 100 are women.

There are five other regular sizes that were previously available – small, small, medium, large and large.

Pierre Zamora said the new shorter and longer versions fit better with many soldiers. As an example, she said that she and another female soldier appeared to be the same size. But he said he was wearing short clothes while other soldiers were wearing short shorts.

“From the outside, we look about the same size, but his torso is a little smaller than mine,” she said.

He added that the vest also allows soldiers to carry bulletproof jackets that can be donned for added protection. The soft pocket holding the plate could be moved upwards so that it would not rest on the hip bones of female soldiers and hinder quick and agile movement. Adjustable shoulder strap.


The short and long version of the vest looks good with lean men.

“There are probably a lot of younger men who wore vests that were too big for them,” Miller said.

Miller said he was one of them.

“I’ve always been given big or medium in the past,” he said. But in the new version, they were given a smaller size. “Someone who knows what they’re doing suits me and says, ‘No, how does the MSV (Modular Scalable Vest) fit in, that’s where it goes. “”

Another soldier he knows is over 6 feet tall, but said he was too skinny. He usually grows to be medium or large depending on the height and length required, but now he uses the shorter tall. This is one of the new sizes just launched.

However, the problem was size, not size, so the new combat shirt has a new version specifically for female soldiers. Miller said the sleeves were shorter, flared at the bottom, and added protection to the sides of the bust.


He said that the new army has solved the problem of women soldiers putting shirts on their hips. However, women with straighter figures can get the unisex version.

Miller acknowledged that while complaints of Army armor were widespread over the years, it took time to find a vendor who could change the shape and size of the ballistic plate, as well as protect soldiers from explosions. Said effective.

“Stopping the pills is a complicated issue,” Miller said. “A very careful attempt was made to make this system lighter, with better form factors, and to hire soldiers who were not particularly considered in previous systems.”

He said the main difficulty was reducing the weight of the plate. The new one is about a pound lighter. So far, he said, only two vendors have achieved their weight loss goals without sacrificing safety.


Ultimately, more than 6,000 soldiers from the three brigades of the 82nd Airborne Division are expected to receive the new armor. Miller said each soldier was equipped with individually trained personnel. Soldiers take a 30-minute class to learn how to adjust their armor.

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