Arlington accident: Woman, newborn son, boyfriend killed

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Roadside memorials in North Texas now show that four young mothers, her newborn son and the father of her child were executed.

Arlington, Texas – Editor’s Note: It was previously stated that the victim Alexius had four daughters, but this has been modified to reflect that he had two daughters and two sons. Rice field.

Roadside memorials in North Texas now show where a young mother of four, her newborn son, and her son’s father died.

Four children are among the survivors of the victim as the family tries to understand the roadside accident that killed the couple.

The victim’s sister became the backbone of the family while going through incredible grief.

“It was kind of a dream. You know, is it true, is it really happening? ‘ said Lady Harris.

In his first face-to-face interview, Harris spoke to the WFAA about the past 48 hours, which has been a nightmare. He held back his tears when he told that his sister was gone. He had little time to grieve in front of his family.

Harris has always been a problem solver and dependable person, but his sister Alexius was known as the “counselor” of the family. However, Harris took action when he received a call from his sister’s 12-year-old daughter that Alexius had not returned home on Saturday morning.

“She was with her daughter the night before. It was his daughter’s 12th birthday and his eldest daughter,” Harris said. She went for help and never went home. “

Harris consoles his niece and begins working on a plan to locate Alexius. In the end, she turned to the authorities for help, but never expected that she would receive the worst news of her life in a matter of hours.

“It was about nine hours. We’ve handed the missing report to the police. They weren’t kind enough to do it, but they didn’t come back when she didn’t. I immediately started to find out what was going on.” That’s when I got a call.”

the day of the accident

Alexius answered a call Saturday morning from his boyfriend, 28-year-old Justin Dyke, and went to the Highway 360 access road to help with a flat tire. At the time, Arlington Police said 31-year-old Aidan Hermosillo Garcia had crashed into a couple.

According to police records obtained by the WFAA, Garcia is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol.

The couple died due to the impact of the collision on the approach road.

Arlington Police said Alexius’ boy, Wyatt Dexter, gave birth to the hospital, but did not survive.

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in memory of alexius

It was not all easy for the victim’s family.

“It’s difficult,” Harris said. “It was hard, it was very hard. I haven’t had a chance to grieve yet.”

Harris is currently taking care of her sister’s two daughters. Alexius also had two sons. The age of the children is between 4 and 12 years. Harris helps his niece remember Alexius for the spirit and heart of a Good Samaritan.

“Sometimes I tell him it’s his fault,” Harris said. “You have to stop helping everyone else and try to help yourself.”

Harris also shared his favorite photo with his sister. My sister had to accept all the snapshots she took.

Harris always had a plan for dealing with the family crisis. The biggest challenge she had ever faced was being responsible for taking care of her four nieces. Not only is she strong in her faith, she genuinely believes that Alexius is keeping an eye on them.

“Once in my life, I really didn’t know what to do,” Harris said. “Last night I prayed to God and asked, ‘Alexius tell me what you want me to do. I was always planning. Tell me what you want me to do.’ I did.”

When people started asking what they could do to help Alexius’ four children, Harris set up a GoFundMe account. All donations go to Alexius’ two daughters and two sons.

Harris said her family heard not only from friends, neighbors and coworkers, but also from strangers who wanted to help the four surviving children.

“Drunk driving is a big problem in Texas,” Harris says. “Families across Texas are affected by drunk driving. I didn’t intend to set up a GoFundMe account, but people kept asking, “How can I help?” It’s a new beginning for them. We want to start again. “

Alexius plans to follow in his sister’s footsteps by completing a health care education when the boy is born. According to Harris, Alexius had some difficulties in life, but she got back on track and got her life back on track and grew up to be a better Samaritan. This brought the two sisters closer to each other.

“I will miss him dearly,” Harris said. “Many people miss him.”

Harris will attend the trial of his sister’s case and the suspects’ court. He is already at the forefront of the funeral.

If you’d like to help Alexius donate his four kids, click here to visit the GoFundMe page.


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