A man accused of killing a hospital colleague and injuring police

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philadelphia — A man was charged with manslaughter on Tuesday after a colleague was shot dead at a Philadelphia hospital, a gun battle broke out near the school, and two police officers were injured.

Stacy Hayes, 55, was charged with murder, attempt to murder, abetting assault, law enforcement assault, firearms offense and related offenses at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in downtown Philadelphia. Killed Henley James, 43.

It is unclear whether there is an attorney who can handle the charges against Hayes. On Tuesday, the phone number in his name was not working.

According to officials, Hayes shot James on the 9th floor of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital just after midnight on the outskirts of Elkin Spark. Nursing assistant James was sentenced to death shortly after 1 p.m. Monday. According to initial media reports, Hayes was a nurse or nursing assistant, but the hospital has not confirmed his duty.


The shooters fled on a box truck, and just before 1:30 a.m. on Monday, police responded to reports of a shooting in West Philadelphia’s Parkside District near Future School on the edge of Fairmount Park. Rice field.

Police said the police found the suspect with body armor and weapons like rifles and pistols. According to the police, he opened fire, four policemen retaliated, and severely injured his upper body and neck.

Police said one of the injured police officers had an elbow injury that required surgery and the other needed a gynecologist.

Police Chief Frank Bano told The Philadelphia Inquirer that it was unclear if Hayes was working at the time, but detectives believe he used the employee’s entrance. He said investigators are still trying to figure out why he targeted his associates.

“We did not find any animosity or problem that could be attributed to them,” Vanor said.


James, a part-time hairdresser, was described as a man in a family who worked two jobs to support their three children and had a genius for gathering people around the barber’s chair. ..

Jefferson Health issued a statement Monday afternoon, banning weapons from the campus and vowing to “thoroughly review” safety protocols. The company said that counseling of employees and patients will be done.

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A man accused of killing a hospital colleague and injuring police

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