You Can Now Get Paid in Bitcoin for Using Twitter

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Twitter Inc. and Square Inc. Jack Dorsey co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey will speak at the Bitcoin 2021 conference on Friday, June 4, 2021 in Miami, Florida, USA.

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Twitter announced on Thursday that it will allow users to tip their favorite creators on the social network using bitcoin.

The company introduced a tip as a test feature in May as an experimental method to help it get paid from followers for content posted on Twitter. The company announced on Thursday that the Hint feature will be rolled out globally this week to all Apple iOS users and will be available to Android users within a few weeks.

Previously, users could use traditional payment services such as Square’s Cash app and PayPal’s Venmo to tip in fiat currencies. Twitter Strike will integrate the Bitcoin Lightning wallet service to allow creators to receive bitcoin tips. The company will also allow users to add bitcoin addresses to send and receive suggestions for these cryptocurrencies.

Twitter does not reduce the amount of money that can be sent through the Hints feature.

Given that CEO Jack Dorsey is one of the biggest proponents of the cryptocurrency, the integration of Bitcoin into Twitter’s signals feature is not surprising.

Over the past few months, Dorsey has tweeted that she is challenging bitcoin mining. He believes that there is nothing more important than bitcoin to deal with, and even he hopes that bitcoin will bring world peace.

In addition, Twitter said on Thursday that it is also experimenting with the ability to allow NFTs to authenticate and reference collections of digital assets on the social network. The company did not provide any details or details about this blockchain project, but says it is another way to support creators who create digital art.

In addition to blockchain, Twitter has also announced plans to launch a creators fund for users hosting the Space Audio Room as a way to encourage more live audio events. Last year, the company introduced Space. This is a feature that allows users to listen and chat with others in a voice only virtual room. The company hopes that future funds will allow more users to conduct live audio events on Twitter.


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