Why training broke down in the days of covid

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The way we provide training can be ineffective, and the company’s thinking about what it wants to provide in training to its employees is similarly flawed.

This is the opinion of former CTO Mark Ridley. foot Co-founder of technology outsourcing company SeeTo, computing soon.

Ridley explained that proper training is key. It is a basic tool for maintaining employee satisfaction and engagement.

“Training is an important factor in keeping employees motivated, especially in technical organizations. For most engineers, learning is central to their motivation to work.”

He said that training is much more than sending someone to a course.

“You can’t tell someone you’re attending a training course and expect them to participate. Supporting lifelong learning is much more than just taking courses and getting certificates. Even That with good training budgets, it can be difficult to get people to hire.”

According to Ridley, engagement can be even more difficult during the pandemic. In the past it might have been fine for someone to come back from a day at the office and train in front of home computing, but now it feels like a job.

“Now my work and family life is so fuzzy that spending an extra hour in front of my laptop in the evening feels like more work. I need to change my training. For team sports. can i change it? “

He said that the training should not be directly related to one’s work, but should help the employees to become more creative and think differently.

“It’s important to have someone in your business who wants to learn. It’s more important than seeing if the training is very relevant. Training allows employees to work together and learn interesting new things. You need to be able to the wanted.

“For example, can you teach people how to code in Python? Or you can bring your team together and provide access to tools and rain to learn how blockchain works. The benefits are you The outcome you want is that your employees will develop their abilities and see the world in different ways.”

Earlier, Ridley discussed what hybrid work would look like in the coming years.

Why training broke down in the days of covid

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