UK regulators demand that video platforms do more to protect their users

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5 October 2021

LONDON (Reuters) – Online video sharing platforms (VSPs) such as TikTok, Snapchat and OnlyFan provide clear rules for content, allowing users to flag harmful videos and gain access to pornographic content. UK media regulator Ofcom says it needs to be banned.

Under law that came into force in the United Kingdom last year, VSPs are required to take reasonable steps to protect all users from illegal content, particularly those under the age of 18.

Ofcom, which is responsible for enforcing the rules, issued VSP guidance on Wednesday, saying it expects to see significant improvements over time in the security process and complaints process.

Melanie Doss, CEO, said that online videos have played a major role in people’s lives, especially children’s lives, but many users hate the violence, violence when using them. , or viewed inappropriate content.

“The platform on which these videos are shared has a legal obligation to take steps to protect users,” she said.

“Therefore, we are strengthening the investigation of these technology companies as we prepare to tackle a wider range of online pitfalls in the future.”

According to research by Ofcom, a third of users have seen or experienced offensive content. A quarter claimed to have been exposed to violent or objectionable material. On the other hand, one in five people saw content promoting racism.

The regulatory authority targets established platforms in the United Kingdom, initially number 18. Platforms established in other countries such as YouTube and Facebook are excluded.

If it is discovered that the VSP has not taken appropriate action to protect the User, the VSP may investigate and take action, which may include fines or, in the most severe case, suspension or restriction of service. ..

(Reporting by Paul Sandals, edited by Nick Ziminsky)

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