The moon didn’t die as soon as I expected

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The team estimated the age of objects in space by calculating surface craters using a method based on isotope dating and lunar crater chronology, which occurred in a storm 2 billion years ago. It was estimated that the lava had flowed into the sea.

Chang’e 5 was the first lunar eclipse sample return mission in China since 1976 and the first spacecraft to recover lunar eclipse material. a whole month.

According to Nemtin, there is no evidence of high concentrations of heat-generating radioactive elements (potassium, thorium, uranium, etc.) This means that, as scientists thought, these factors probably did not cause these lava flows. Now they need to look for other explanations of how the flow formed.

The history of lunar volcanism will tell us more about Earth. According to the giant-impact theory, the Moon may have been a mass of Earth that was knocked over when our planet collided with another planet.

“Every time we gain new or better information about the age of what’s on the Moon, it has implications not only for understanding the universe, but also for volcanic activity and even the general geology of other planets. There is also a knock-on effect to be understood.”, says Associate Professor Paul Byrne. He was a professor of planetary science at North Carolina State University and was not involved in the research.

Volcanic activity not only shaped the Moon’s appearance, but today those old layers of lava are not only visible to the naked eye as giant dark spots on the Moon’s surface, but it also raises the question of whether we are alone in space. Huh. Having an answer can help, says Byrne.

“The search for extraterrestrial life requires an understanding of habit,” says Byrne. Volcanic activity plays a role in cultivating the atmosphere and ocean, which are important elements of life. However, it is not yet known what these new discoveries tell us about possible life elsewhere.

The moon didn’t die as soon as I expected

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