South End Autonomous Region Parliament learned lessons from private sector

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The pandemic caused rapid changes in most organizations, but South End Council was already accustomed to moving rapidly.

The pandemic delayed business plans, implemented redundancies, and, in a worst-case scenario, wiped out the enterprise entirely. It also encourages the adoption of the most popular technologies in recent history, driving the pace of change that some organizations want to maintain in the future.

The Southend-on-Sea Autonomous Region Council is no stranger to rapid change. In 2007, it was named one of the worst financially managed local governments in the UK, but was named Council of the Year in 2012.

Many of the council’s IT leadership teams come from the private sector, including Steve Hemmings, who is responsible for enterprise architecture and digital innovation.

Steve Hemmings

“Southend [Borough Council] We have invested in the restructuring of the technology sector in 2019 and have chosen to enter the private sector and hire from there, adopting the right spirit. By providing it too early, people tell us[in the technology team] We can offer more. Similarly, if you have a large-scale business transformation activity that requires cultural and behavioral considerations, [technology] The leadership team we currently have at South End can provide valuable experience and direction to our business, which is always helpful.

“And when we’re looking at financial options, we know what the opportunities are. Maybe because they’re available in the public sector that they didn’t know, they’re also benefiting me from this route.”

Its private sector background meant that the council’s IT team had experience dealing with complex real estate – this turned out to be a good thing. The organization was primarily a Microsoft company, but it also took the best approach.

“We had experience dealing with that type of real estate. The trajectory we were aiming for at the time, and of course we were aiming for a strategic technology roadmap, we did that. I felt I could do it without it. I am able to deal with it. No major worries.”

Having a private sector link was a boon for the council when it began looking for a partner to guide it through the IT redesign and eventually settled on NTT. In the past, these organizations have collaborated on Azure’s move, along with other projects, and began getting “strategic” involvement, as Hemmings says, in early 2020.

Local government has a lot of government office work

“When we went through the Strategic Transformation Partner (STP) bidding process, we fully reaffirmed that the contract winner has significant experience in providing services and capabilities to the public sector. If you like it, this won’t be his first gig.

“There are many bureaucratic formalities in the local government and public sector, but for good reason. We are here as a technology leadership team to deliver value from public wallets. Management, business administration governance, etc. are all mechanisms that we want our partners to understand. At NTT, we have experience in that field and are able to support us with the right approach. Experience has been able to bring us the right results. “

After talks with the local people, the council prepared the South End 2050. It is a plan of what the autonomous region will look like in the next 30 years. In collaboration with NTT, “we will consider our own roadmap and options for notifying specific technologies that will help us achieve our ambitions and results.”

“”[Southend] 2050 is as much tomorrow and six months as it is today. It is a program of its continuous improvement work aimed at improving services and what is offered to the local autonomous region.

“In the case of NTT, our goal is to be like, ‘Okay, what kind of platform do we expect to need? “From my office, it was a smart city, setting the limits for the technology it was deploying. In other words, not just IoT, but 5G and fiber network development as well. It’s a much broader range than that. goes in.”

consider the climate

Data is a big part of future plans, especially of the council’s smart city projects. Hemmings says that gathering data through robust analysis and using it to be “smart” is essential to the success of the 2050 program. With this in mind, CRM and analytics platforms are technologies that South End expects to add value to organizations and their ability to deliver services.

But it’s no longer just about choosing the right tool for your job. Other considerations play an increasingly important role in the choice of solution. For example, like any other organization, the South End Autonomous Region Council is thinking about the environment, and not just because climate change could wreak havoc on coastal cities.

“Within my responsibility as responsible for enterprise architecture, the ideas I have built into designing and exploring these solutions include ‘What does this mean by climate space, greens and sustainability?’ Take and pose those questions about yourself, our business partners, and our business services.

“We need to be aware that we have a trip to go. We can’t change things overnight. I think everyone wants a trip. Here in the South End. For example, What we have achieved is that migrating to Azure is a big step for us. The roadmap is to close our own data center or at least reduce it to Azure. It shows a transition. Everyone knows That we all have a better sustainable model than we can probably achieve. This is a big step forward for us.”

While the ESG Initiative and the South End 2050 Plan make it clear that the Council is looking to the future, local governments also need to address the day-to-day challenges needed to serve the approximately 185,000 people. There is.

“I want people to feel that we are balancing the deliverables to deliver the value we are today.WhenTomorrow—we’re not just focused on one or the other. What we are trying to do is make the most of the public wallet for all these factors.

“It’s a juggling act, but it’s doing great at the moment.”

South End Autonomous Region Parliament learned lessons from private sector

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