Soccer stars James Milner and Adam Lallana invest in sports performance platform UpGame

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India based golf performance and practice app UpGame premier league star James Milner When Adam Lallana through his company white rose game management..

This follows a 30-fold increase in UpGame’s monthly revenue since the beginning of the year.

UpGame is a sports performance app specializing in the art of golf. This game has generally stayed away from the Indian masses, but gradually it is becoming mainstream. It allows users to analyze the game and become a better player through various features. It included a map-based interface and unique metrics that could be shared between players and coaches through the app, increasing data collection from users by up to 790%.

The app was launched with golf in mind (or as the first game), but is now used by top professional and amateur players, associations, and NCAA college teams. So, in short, UpGame aims to be more than just a golf platform, ns A platform for improving sports.

Thanks to this service, startups have grown rapidly, recording 2 million games on the platform over the past two years and retaining over 85% of users across regions. A reputed All-Union Board Golf Australiahandjob Norwegian Golf Federationhandjob Singapore Golf Associationhandjob Hong Kong Golf Associationhandjob Sports Authority of Thailand and the Finnish Golf Union. Diverse PGAhandjob LPGAhandjob European Tour, Major Champion, Topo NCAAUS College The team is also a major user of UpGame.

when it comes to funding Sameer Sawhney Founder and CEO of Upgame “James and Adam are both legends of the sport and have the highest level of performance and a good understanding of the important roles they play in every sport. Two of the world’s most renowned athletes are on our journey. The travel ban due to the pandemic has made the product affordable for the entire team. and is the preferred data intelligence and practice tracking platform for golfers in all markets entering the market.It meant I was able to become.

This money will be used to increase the number of games in UpGame and provide users with more indicators.

“We look forward to applying what we’ve learned from golf to other sports and to being at the forefront of improving knowledge and performance in the rapidly growing sports technology industry,” said Thorney.

James Milner, Liverpool midfielder and founder of White Rose Sport Management, said: In our first conversation with the up-game team.

We love his approach to improving performance, team focus, rapid execution and deep insight into users across the globe. We are delighted to be able to participate in their journey. “

Soccer stars James Milner and Adam Lallana invest in sports performance platform UpGame

Source Link Soccer stars James Milner and Adam Lallana invest in sports performance platform UpGame


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