Regulators are calling on the government to “strengthen the statistical success of the pandemic”.

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Having identified lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic, UK statistical regulators have increased transparency about the use of data, addressed data gaps, and “focused on fair use of data and independent statistical input”. We urged top officials to promote “Sanskriti”.

The coronavirus crisis has caused “unprecedented public participation in health and social care data,” according to a Census Bureau review of health and social care statistics during a pandemic, but existing problems with that data. Created a new challenge.

In particular, the review focused on gaps in the available data. It often states that the OSR “accuses the government of selecting or manipulating data.” infrastructure flaws. Limited transparency can undermine public confidence in statistics and government decisions.

However, senior government leaders have also found that they can provide “valuable assistance to statisticians” by fostering a culture that emphasizes the appropriate use of data and independent statistical input.

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It is one of ten lessons that OSR has sought from ministers, civil servants, and health and care statistics creators for assistance in its implementation.

Other lessons include that statisticians must be able to act transparently and use “their unique ability to act independently of political processes” to demonstrate credibility. Growth. And that statistical builder must be willing to fill in the data gap.

The review also urged governments to prioritize data sharing and linking that could impact survival, a flexible and integrated data infrastructure to respond quickly to new data requirements. Said we needed to provide.

He emphasized the importance of presentation and pointed out that it would publish clearly communicated data.

Sir David Norgrove, chairman of the Office for National Statistics, wrote to key ministers and officials emphasizing the importance of learning these lessons.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has created a great public desire for data and statistics. Remarkable efforts by analysts within the organization to overcome previously insurmountable challenges and meet this demand. You should be proud of it,” he said in a letter. Sir Chris Wormold, Deputy Minister of Health.

The letter, which was also sent to NHS Digital chief Simon Bolton, NHS England head Amanda Pritchard, UK Health Protection Agency head Jenny Harris and national statistician Sir Ian Diamond, added health data and statistics in England. Created “complexity”.

He added that strong leadership and collaboration will help identify common priorities and coordinate publication plans.

“As a senior leader, your support for the work of analysts within your organization and in your healthcare system is essential to achieving this,” he said.

In a letter to Secretary of State Sajid Javid, Nogrove publishes the figures and data in an accessible format with proper explanation of context, restrictions and sources when publicly cited by ministers and senior officials. He emphasized that this should be done.

“The healthcare system will agree that we need to learn lessons in this area and develop our results further,” he said.

On the other hand, in Northern Ireland, data, including vaccinations, “may not meet expectations for access and transparency,” Norgrove told Health Minister Robin Swann.

Establishing Statistical Success
Nogrove said in a statement on the report, the review provides an opportunity to “consolidate the pandemic’s many statistical successes.” The OSR’s recommendations should help “senior leaders in the government and health sector work more effectively using data for the public good,” he said.

“By fostering a collaborative and transparent approach to data and the independence of statisticians, we can maintain public confidence in statistics and increase public confidence in decisions that affect us all. Yes, COVID-19 has affected citizens. demonstrated the need for a more coherent picture of U.S. health and the medical services they have access to,” Norgrove said.

“Our knowledge gap can only be achieved through efforts to share data between multiple responsible organizations and invest in analytical resources.”

Regulators are calling on the government to “strengthen the statistical success of the pandemic”.

SourceLink Regulators are calling on the government to “strengthen the statistical success of the pandemic”.


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