Over 16 million NHS app users, as uptake boosts organ donor registration

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Since the addition of the digital CovidPass vaccine certification, the number of registered users of the NHS app has now reached 16 million.

This is compared to a total of 250,000 people in March 2020, 15 months after the app’s release. In the next 14 months, that number has grown by about 2 million.

Since the government first announced the addition of CovidPass to the NHS app in late April, usage has grown exponentially, with around 14 million additional users enrolled.

The government said the technology is currently “the most downloaded free app in the UK”.

In a presentation as part of London Tech Week, Health Minister and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid said: Nowhere has technology change proved more valuable than health and care. We all benefit not only to the frontline of doctors, nurses and colleagues, but also to the coders, developers and innovators who have helped sustain the strength of the NHS. We’ve seen what HealthTech can do when healthcare systems around the world are incredibly stressful. Based on the progress we all have seen, we need to realize this long awaited digital revolution. “

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In addition to taking advantage of the digital vaccine status, over the past four months, citizens have used the program to book 268,000 general practitioner appointments and order 3.2 million repeat prescriptions.

The app also allows users to manage how their data is used and register settings for organ donation.

A total of 1.5 million app users did this. This includes 265,000 people who registered as organ donors using this technology for the first time, and 150,000 in the past four months alone.

Since the introduction of the new law last year, the UK has an opt-out system and people are treated as potential post-mortem organ donors until they are withdrawn or directly withdrawn from potential consent.

Nonetheless, Alex Hudson, head of NHS Organ Donor Registration for NHS Blood and Transplant, said an increase in registrations due to the increased use of the medical services app would help save lives and make families miserable. said.

“Ever since the new organ donation law came into force, our priority has been to ensure that everyone understands that organ donation is still an option. The NHS app allows people to make organ donation decisions. By being able to view, modify and update your organ donation decisions, it is easier than ever to manage and control,” he said. “It is important for people to recognize that they will always contact their families before organ donation progresses, even if organ donation has been switched to an opt-out system. When an individual actively registers an organ donation decision So we know it provides families with great comfort and peace of mind during these incredibly difficult times.”

NHSX CEO Matthew Gould, who worked with NHS Digital to build and support the app, said work would continue to improve its functionality.

“It’s a life-saving technology. By making it easier for people to set their own organ donation preferences, thousands of people have increased their ability to use organs to save others. Let people determine their tastes, promoting their care.” Develop an NHS app to help you do and stay healthy.

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