NHS digital captured cancer patient database

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NHS Digital has taken over the operation of a national database to collect information on patients being treated for cancer and other diseases.

The National Disease Registration Service (NDRS), formerly managed by Public Health England, was dissolved earlier this month and effectively replaced by the UK Health Protection Agency.

The service collates data from patients with cancer, birth defects and rare diseases. Data collection will start “immediately” [patients] We are investigating possible diseases and conditions. Data collection will continue for the rest of your life unless the patient opts out.

“We do this because we need to see if the disease recurs or if there are side effects from the treatment we receive,” the NDRS website said. “It is important to retain the data for at least a patient’s life so that we can identify long-term trends and conduct research.”

Data provided to the Service by an NHS care provider includes clinical and medical information as well as personal information. Date of birth; gender; CASTEISMAND; Know; and NHS no.

relevant material

Anonymous data is regularly shared with the National Bureau of Statistics to support the publication of authoritative data on cancer survival.

According to NHS Digital, clinicians, academic researchers and charities can apply for access to the data and “continue to investigate it”, with the goal of publishing “the minimum data required for approved purposes”. It will be covered. “..

“The data we share with other organizations is usually impersonated,” the NDRS site said.

According to NHS Digital, the ultimate goal is to use the data as “a source of information and intelligence for patients, clinicians, public health and health professionals, researchers and healthcare commissioners to promote medical reform.” ..

As per the Data Protection Act, the Institute of Medical Services Technology is now officially assuming the role of NDRS Data Controller.

“We strive to make the transition to services as smooth as possible for NDRS customers and their staff,” NHS Digital said. “There is no change in the current processing and processing of data, and it is on. Make minimal changes to the process. ”, and all existing communication channels are maintained. ”

Fran Woodward, Executive Director of Data and Analytics Services, said: These collaborators share our passion for bringing deep technical and clinical expertise and using high quality data to improve health. We are pleased to work more closely to improve service to our patients and frontline staff. “

Public Health England’s name was officially terminated on Friday. Most of the agency’s responsibilities have been taken over by the newly created UKHSA, which also includes running the NHS Test and Trace programme, and the Joint Biosafety Centre, which was set up by the government last year to support pandemic response guidance. ..


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