Lithuania is trying to ban “untrustworthy” calls after China’s censorship concerns

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File photo: The Xiaomi logo is seen in Bangalore, India on January 18, 2018. Reuters/Abhishek N. chinnappa / file photo

September 24, 2021

Andrius Sytas. By

Vilnius (Reuters) – The Lithuanian defense ministry has drafted a bill banning state agencies from buying “untrusted” devices after China’s smartphone company found censorship on its flagship mobile phone. Deputy Minister of Defense Margiris Abkevicius said.

The censorship feature of Xiaomi’s Mi 10T 5G phone software is turned off in the “European Union”, but it can be turned on remotely at any time, the country’s National Cyber ​​Security Center said in a report on Tuesday.

A Xiaomi spokesperson said in a statement sent to Reuters on Wednesday that the device “does not censor communications with users.”

Abkavicius said the Pentagon is currently drafting a bill to ban the purchase of “untrusted” devices, including smartphones, by public agencies, with the aim of submitting it to Congress for debate by the end of this year. I told Reuters.

“It is very clear that the outcome of the law will be similar to the outcome of the previous law on 5G devices,” he said.

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei protested in May after the Lithuanian parliament declared that only government-approved equipment could be used for the country’s next-generation 5G network for national security reasons.

“It is not news that Lithuania has made a political decision to cooperate with the democratic and rules-of-the-law NATO and EU countries with technology,” Abukavicius said.

The terms that can be censored by the Xiaomi phone’s system apps, such as the default Internet browser, include “free Tibet,” “long Taiwan independence,” and “democratic movement,” according to a National Cyber ​​Security Center report. . “

Share price of Xiaomi Corp fell nearly 5% on Wednesday to HK$21.95, the biggest daily drop since July 27.

China demanded that Lithuania resign as Beijing’s ambassador and recall its envoy in Vilnius after Taiwan announced last month that it would call its mission in Lithuania the Taiwan Representative Office.

Taiwanese delegations to the west use the name Taipei City, avoiding reference to the island, which China claims to be its territory.

US President Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan last week stressed his support for Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonite in the face of pressure from China.

(Reporting by Andreas Cytas of Vilnius, edited by Jane Merriman)

Lithuania is trying to ban “untrustworthy” calls after China’s censorship concerns

Source Link Lithuania is trying to ban “untrustworthy” calls after China’s censorship concerns


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