LinkedIn probably sees “paid events” as a new revenue bastion: Report

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LinkedIn is a dark horse in the social media arena and has always stood out for its “different” offerings. The platform is used by professionals around the world to network, find jobs and interact with other people in the business world, giving different twists to the social media space. However, because LinkedIn is focused on one particular niche, it’s hard to come up with new features that help users join the service. .. Well, it seems there is finally something new.

The platform is working on ticketed programs to enhance its offering by adding features related to audio and video. information published by TC report good, claimed to have received a code indicating that LinkedIn is selling tickets. In addition, there is a dashboard to organize these events, which allows users to monitor how these sales are progressing, how much they are earning, and of course run the events themselves.

This allows LinkedIn to enter new territories that are still in their infancy. Facebook has been trying to build a paid event platform for years, but so far it hasn’t been very successful. Well, Twitter, new’Location‘Also contemplating to enter this highly profitable market to seek alternative sources of income.

LinkedIn is a platform dominated by working professionals and can have online seminars, mentorship sessions and meeting opportunities, so we can take it seriously.

All this allows companies to create alternative sources of income. Due to the increasing surveillance of data tracking by these companies, almost all social media platforms are currently under scrutiny.

The platform is adding a “Story” feature earlier this year to create a more engaging interface for users.

LinkedIn probably sees “paid events” as a new revenue bastion: Report

Source Link LinkedIn Maybe Sees “Paid Events” as a New Revenue Bastion: Report


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