Lantern Fly Alert: If you see this beautiful spotted insect flying across the United States, officials are telling you to kill it.

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At first glance, the adult lantern fly is a pretty sight with spotted bright red wings and a tiny bumblebee-like body. But as the species continues to trek across the United States, federal and state officials have a unifying message: If you come across an insect, kill it.

lantern fly invasive species From China, which causes a lot of upheaval in agriculture. They are not physically harmful to the human body, but they do endanger everything from oak, walnut and poplar trees to vines, almonds and orchards. First found in 2014 in Pennsylvania, USA, it has now spread mainly to at least nine states in the Northeast. New York City is seeing increasing numbers this summer.

Adult Spotted Lanta Fly in Pennsylvania
Spotted lanterns next to the Berks County Service Building on September 28, 2020 in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Reading Eagle via Ben Hasty/Media NewsGroup/Getty Images

Photos of the creatures flood social media and represent a raucous or violent reaction to many facing the responsibility of killing the lantern flies.

“Today I killed a spotted lantern fly,” tweeted one. “Is this a legitimate murder? Will I be acquitted of this crime? … I have a maximum of two bodies. When will the violence end?”

However, officials claim that whoever kills the insects is a “civil hero”.

“Spotted lanterns are a threat to our city’s forests,” the New York City Parks Authority tweeted. “If you find a spotted lantern fly, crush it, dispose of it, and report it to us.”

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the insects feed on the sap of more than 70 species of plants and release a sticky substance called “honeydew.” This attracts “massively pleasing mold” which adversely affects the photosynthetic ability of the plant. Grow and bear fruit. Insects that constantly eat plants also make them more vulnerable to disease and attack by other insects.

“Native insects also secrete honey dew, [spotted lanternflies] And a large population gathering in a certain area brings a large accumulation in that area. In Pennsylvania, where the number of spotted lantern flies is highest, “people can’t get out without honey on their hair and clothes,” he said. , and other stuff. “

Field technician Lott Miller will host the Spotted Lantern Friday at Penn State University's Pfeiffer Farms.  Photo by Lauren A. Little September 28, 2018
Field technician Lott Miller is hosting a Spotted Lantern at Pfeiffer Farms at Penn State Barks in September 2018.

Lauren A. Little / Media NewsGroup / Reading Eagle via Getty Images

Symptoms of a lantern fry epidemic include the release of sap from “small open sores” on tree trunks, a waxy, clay-length 1-inch egg mass that is new, brown and scaly when older. The bureau said that it contains a large amount of honeydew. Black soothing mold on the plant.

Professor George Hamilton, chair of the insect department at Rutgers University, told CBS New York last month that August is the best time to kill insects. The insects began to breed in September and lantern flies would be more difficult to find and kill, he said.

The spotted lantern fly is believed to have first been brought from China to Pennsylvania in a shipment of stones, he said. In China, they are eaten by bees, but not here.

The risks posed by lantern flies have triggered state investigations and special protocols that fear their arrival could harm their communities.

According to The Hutchinson News, this week in Kansas, students brought lantern flies to the state fair as part of a 4-H insect display box. The students were reportedly unaware that the dead insect was an invasive species, and the fair’s judge had to report it to the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

In July, California issued a quarantine order to prevent an invasion of spotted lanternflies. We are currently restricting host plants and various objects from invading the kingdom from areas where spotted lantern flies are endemic. Similar orders have been specifically implemented in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, to limit the movement of items that may be infested with speckled lanterns.

Lantern Fly Alert: If you see this beautiful spotted insect flying across the United States, officials are telling you to kill it.

source link Lantern Fly Alert: If you see this beautiful spotted insect flying across the United States, officials are telling you to kill it.


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