iOS 15 Open to the Public

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iOS 15, announced at WWDC earlier this year, is now available for download. However, this time the release is different, as upgrading from iOS 14 is not mandatory. If you don’t want to use iOS 15, you can continue using iOS 14. Why.

Well, iOS 15 lacks features like SharePlay, Universal Controls, Find My AirPods, 3D Maps CarPlay Navigation, App Privacy Report, and more. However, the new OS still has some interesting new additions. One of them is to allow the user to change the focus from the Control Center. In addition, you can create multiple focuses. You can create personalized focus for a variety of activities such as work, sleep, driving, reading, personal time, sports, fitness and mindfulness. In addition, all focus is customizable and can be turned on and off automatically.

If that’s not enough, turning on a special focus will block notifications by default. If you don’t want to do that, you can customize this feature as well.

Apple has few default apps, and iOS 15 brings new updates to almost everyone. For example, the Safari app update is not identical to the one announced at WWDC, but with a redesigned UI, an address bar at the bottom of the screen that allows users to open bookmarks and share current files. It’s just above the row of buttons that you can. Go to page or previous page. In addition, it supports traditional web extensions, allowing users to create tab groups in the future. You can also find your own tab group from other devices.

FaceTime doesn’t have SharePlay, but you can create links, share them, and add them to your calendar so people without an Apple device can access FaceTime from a web browser for the first time. It also provides spatial audio for people’s voices to come from their position on the screen, providing a more Zoom-like experience.

Along with the improvements, the Weather app now provides additional important information such as a rainfall map, next hour rainfall notifications, and a new UV index. Apple Maps has also become a better alternative to Google Maps, with cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and London receiving new detailed maps, including 3D buildings, bus lanes, sidewalks and more. The app now includes a new place card, a new driving user interface and app settings. In addition, it leverages augmented reality technology to scan buildings near the area with an iPhone camera to determine the exact location of the more accurate walking direction displayed in AR.

When it comes to Messages, it integrates more tightly with other Apple apps, allowing you to view articles, photos, podcasts, and songs sent by each app. Coming to photos, the memory feature is better than ever, you can search for text in photos, point to the camera and text, and select text from there (use it to smooth text) . can be translated).

iOS 15 Open to the Public

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