Interviewed with Viable Data, UK IT Awards finalist

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The UK IT Awards are sometimes referred to as the “UK Technology Oscars”. Like star-studded events, shortlisting candidates for a field is a big win. It’s truly remarkable when companies reach the final list in four different categories, as Viable Data did this year. We spoke to CEO Tom Fitzgerbert about what his company has done to achieve this.

computingWho is Viable Data?

tom fitzerbertViable Data has provided award-winning expertise, insights and solutions to organizations operating in the UK and Europe since 2012. The focus is on providing projects that have a positive impact on society, such as improving client data usage and modernization. To improve access to public services by strengthening the UK’s defense and security systems.

As our name implies, we focus heavily on data usage and use a data-centric approach ranging from application development, data quality programs, assurance and governance initiatives, and complete digital transformation. We provide services, products and solutions. We prioritize continuous value delivery and build long-term and reliable partnerships with our customers.

CTG: How does it matter?

TF: What really sets us apart from other companies is our desire to go even further to provide better products, services and results to our customers. We are working on meaningful projects that bring positive benefits to the society. It really motivates employees to make every viable data project the best possible one. This facilitates our success in delivering great projects and building long-term, reliable partnerships with our customers.

We take a unique approach to helping customers build internal functionality and improve their skills. We take a comprehensive approach in determining what success looks like to our clients, and truly successful output is easy to manage, quickly extensible, and delivers long-term value. I believe this is a thing. These goals are built into the foundation of every project and we are very proud to have teams built from scratch to be recognized as industry leaders around the world.

Our other core belief is that our diverse and inclusive culture gives us an edge over our competitors when it comes to developing solutions for our customers. We have built a diversified and comprehensive company from the very beginning. Having people from a broader background enables a broader and more comprehensive approach while taking advantage of opportunities that benefit both customers, end users and people.

To achieve this, we knew we needed to create an environment where people could provide the best service possible while supporting them both inside and outside of their work. To do this, we take a people-first approach to our business, incorporating mentorship, providing each individual with their own training days and budget, and helping them steer career development in that direction. Enable what everyone wants. Growth.

CTGWhat is the proudest performance of the company in the last 12 months?

TF: The biggest achievement in the last 12 months is the speed with which it can double in size and scale even in the tough environment infested with the corona virus. Most importantly, we were able to maintain a friendly, inclusive and collaborative culture. This is made possible due to the fact that everyone at ViableData has come together as a team.

We have taken further steps to ensure that we support our partners, expand our resilience, and launch new mentorship programs to support self-development and well-being. To ensure that our initiatives and approaches deliver the intended benefits, we encourage everyone to provide feedback on these (both informally and through employee feedback platforms). Hand). Repeat these.

CTG: What are you working on this year?

TF: Since the company was established in 2012, we have built a strong and loyal customer base with our ability to deliver high quality results and consistent value. It has been particularly successful this year and our focus has been on managing our growth well.

We have developed a wide range of best practice approaches and processes that enable us to successfully deliver rewarding work that has a significant impact on the country’s infrastructure and security. We want to leverage these valuable lessons and high quality delivery capabilities to add value to greater customer engagement in the UK and Europe.

The key to our growth is to maintain a “small company” environment based on our strong culture, high performance teams and collaborative approach. We believe this is the reason why we can continue to provide high value output to our customers as we grow and develop. We want to continue to build on these aspects, supported by our people-first approach, because that’s what makes us successful as a business.

CTGWhy are events like the UK IT Industry Awards so important to the IT industry?

TF: Events like the UK IT Industry Awards bring many benefits not only to the industry as a whole, but to the industry as a whole. This is a great opportunity to give the right awareness to colleagues and teams and help individuals feel valued by recognizing their efforts and results.

It is also a great opportunity to praise companies that are delivering great results to their customers, to reflect on industry suppliers and customers where and why they succeeded, and to emphasize the importance of new processes and technology approaches. To give.

The UK IT Industry Awards will return to the traditional home of Battersea Evolution on 10 November. It promises to be the best and brightest night of the technology calendar of the year. Book your place now!


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