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Are you ready for the biggest night of the IT industry calendar? The UK IT Industry Awards will return to the traditional home of the Battersea Event Arena in November this year. We’re in discussion with finalists to find out which achievements can qualify for the special event. It’s all about integrating technology and industry knowledge, says Henry Duncombe, managing director of managed services provider Lanware.

computingWhat is Lanware?

Henry Duncom: Lanware is a professionally managed services provider for the mid-market financial services sector. Founded in 1993, Lanware has grown to serve as a partner in many of the UK’s financial services businesses, with fund managers managing over £150 billion in assets. As a privately owned company with a high level of staff, it employs approximately 50 employees and is headquartered in the heart of London.

Lanware’s clients in the financial services sector range from more and more independent asset managers and hedge funds to insurance companies and payment providers.

CTG: How does it matter?

HDFinancial services is an information intensive industry and is subject to strict regulations. Technology is critical to mid-sized businesses and requires the highest standards of state-of-the-art solutions. However, as a medium-sized company, doing everything yourself is expensive and risky and distracts you from your core business.

By partnering with Lanware, customers can benefit from their industry experience and become part of a close-knit community of organizations with similar needs, cultures and objectives. This is something that generalist managed service providers could not find.

Lanware’s unique proposition is its flagship service, Finance Forward 365. Financial services are still catching up with public cloud adoption, primarily due to past security and compliance concerns, and FinanceForward 365 offers fully managed end-user support, state-of-the-art workplace technology, unified communications, and public cloud support. Cloud infrastructure. It provides infrastructure, cyber security and business intelligence. This is in line with the strict compliance requirements of financial companies. It is built almost exclusively using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure products

CTGQ: What is the proudest performance of the company in the last 12 months?

HD: As an expert vendor, Lanware has shown how to engage new customers and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction despite the pandemic. At the start of the pandemic, client Skytra, which launched an innovative financial service with the help of its parent company Airbus, faced several challenges setting up a business with Runware.

As an ambitious timescale start-up, Skytra has an agile, experienced and responsive IT partner to support day-to-day requirements while ensuring the highest level of security to meet strict regulatory requirements. I needed it. Lanware launched Skytra’s business by enabling a new greenfield technology platform, establishing a new UK office, transferring data from Airbus, establishing an exchange connection, strategic support and deployment to a small number of founding users . supported. Rest for complete solution for future business.

CTG: What are you working on this year?

HDFinance Forward 365 is central to Lanware’s innovation agenda. It is an end-to-end solution that combines the latest Microsoft 365 and Azure cloud technologies with White Glove services to meet the stringent security and compliance needs of financial companies. We are in the process of expanding some new products, including:

  1. Finance Forward 365-Compliant Team

Lanware has brought a “Compliance Team” to market using an innovative collaboration approach. The growth of Microsoft Teams as a unified communications platform over the past two years has been surprising, but as of early 2021, it was no longer available to financial services companies (such as the MiFid II) that needed to adhere to strict call recording rules. Was. ..

Lanware Compliant Teams has partnered with other vendors such as Verint so that financial companies can adopt Microsoft Teams as a single platform for all communication needs to meet their compliance needs.

  1. Finance Forward 365-Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop has kept enterprises in the throes of a pandemic by providing users with virtual desktops, allowing users to connect from any device, avoiding the cost and slow deployment of enterprise physical laptops. Prove strength and flexibility. As more financial customers run applications and data on Microsoft Azure, this solution will also host desktops and deliver them on demand to users everywhere.

  1. Finance Forward 365-Power BI

Finance Forward 365 Power BI is a fully managed business intelligence platform powered by Microsoft Power BI, specially designed for financial services organizations. It provides a modern, scalable platform for visualizing business data and is built to be self-serving. It interconnects multiple data sources and provides a web-based application for modeling and visualizing the data.

CTGWhy are events like the UK IT Industry Awards so important to the IT industry?

HDThe UK IT Industry Awards are a unique opportunity to showcase and recognize the excellence of the IT industry. This is achieved by bringing innovation to the fore, showing how it is being used in business to shape future success and create new opportunities.

The event also provides a valuable opportunity to connect with like-minded IT professionals and develop valuable peer networks.

The UK IT Awards will be held in November and seats will fill up quickly. book now.


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