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The UK IT Industry Awards is the biggest, best and brightest night in the industry, and will return to the traditional Battersea venue on 10 November this year after the 2020 virtual ceremony. Ricoh, a multinational corporation, was selected as a finalist in the category “Organized response to the pandemic”. computing We called on Mark Robinson, EMEA’s Vice President of Information Technology and CISO, to learn more about the company and why he thinks this award is important.

Computing: Who is Ricoh?

Ricoh is a leading provider of digital services, information management, printing and imaging solutions designed to support digital transformation and optimize performance.

With knowledge and organizational strengths developed over 85 years of history, Ricoh leverages innovative technologies and services to empower your digital workplace and enable individuals to work smarter from anywhere. To.

Headquartered in Tokyo, the Ricoh Group operates major businesses worldwide, and its products and services currently reach customers in approximately 200 countries and territories.

CTG: How is your company different from other companies?

Ricoh’s mission, vision and values ​​shape our unique culture. We are very proud that Ricoh founder Kiyoshi Ichimura established the company-wide principle of “love the neighbor, love the country, do the work” in the 1940s. ahead of its time.

Today, Ricoh differentiates itself not only in our culture, but also in the best-in-class services and solutions it provides to our customers across the globe. The scope of our portfolio presents Ricoh with the welcome challenge of best articulating “what we are doing” as an organization. This is probably best answered in the words of Global CEO Jake Yamashita. Our ultimate goals are: better business results and greater enjoyment of work – what we call “achievement through work”. With this ambition, I believe Rico will be in his own class.

CTG: What has been the company’s proudest performance in the last 12 months?

At the start of the pandemic, Ricoh knew that its current IT strategy of “working from anywhere” was the foundation for transparent handling of Ricoh’s business during the pandemic. Our positive plans have enabled us to respond quickly to crisis and enable strategic initiatives to seamlessly accelerate and transition the entire EMEA enterprise from office to remote work. Many of our field engineers were at the forefront of uninterrupted support for key staff in hospitals and health centers, thanks to the technology they provide and support without an hour of downtime. Keeping Ricoh “open for business” is our greatest achievement, and our main focus is to enable flexible IT solutions and adapt to the ever-changing circumstances during the pandemic. Had to do.

CTG: What are you working on this year?

Ricoh Europe is already focused on its cloud-first global Ricoh IT strategy, as we saw in deploying O365 and other strategic cloud solutions. Looking to the future, we want to leverage technology to be more productive and creative. It highlights the need for an integrated platform with EMEA ideas to run your business efficiently and benefit your customers. Our office services business has grown significantly over the years through acquisitions, as a by-product of a different process across multiple systems that requires considerable effort to bring together a single view of services in EMEA it occurs. ..

This year, we’re working on one of the most important business transformation programs, OSCAR (Rico’s Cloud Office Services). At its core, OSCAR introduces the ORACLE Cloud Services platform, which integrates with existing cloud solutions and expanded by the deployment of SAP Concur Expense Management and ARIS Elements Process Management.

CTG: Why are events like the UK IT Industry Awards so important to the IT industry?

By submitting a good work for an award, everyone involved feels that their efforts are being appreciated. If a submission is listed as a finalist, it will show further approval for the work done and will result in a surprising boost in morale—a great feeling to be recognized. This award celebrates effort and success. Winning industry awards opens up new opportunities for your company and encourages existing customers to serve you.

The UK IT Industry Awards will be held on 10 November. Book your place now – see you there.


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