In memory of Steve Jobs, 10 years after his death

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sensible thing Steve Jobs’ obituary would have been written long before his death. We all knew he didn’t have much time. For nearly a year, while Apple stuck to the story of its co-founder and CEO, the body of the world’s most eminent executives was telling another story. He was saying goodbye, and so was he. My own farewell party took place earlier this year in an office on the fourth floor of One Infinite Loop, which was Apple’s headquarters at the time. Journalist John Markoff and I met without an agenda, but all three of us knew it was about to close. It was in the middle of work, with thousands of people on campus, but a phone call or visitor didn’t interrupt the 90-minute conversation. As if he were already a ghost.

Despite that evidence, I could not get the obituary into pre-writing. Call it denial. So when I got the call that Jobs had left late in the afternoon of October 5, 2011, I was surprised. And I didn’t have anything. For the next four hours, I beat Steve Jobs on the computer that led the world. What else is on your Mac?

In the last paragraph of the obituary I didn’t want to write, I said, “The entire legacy of Steve Jobs will not settle for very long.” I think we’re still organizing it. There has never been a leader, innovator or personality like him. And we still live in his world.

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Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Steve Jobs, 56, was one of the most famous people on the planet in technology and business.

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In memory of Steve Jobs, 10 years after his death

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