IBM is looking to AI to predict and mitigate climate risk

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IBM has announced a new AI-based tool to help businesses assess and reduce climate risk and its carbon dioxide emissions.

A SaaS tool called Environmental Intelligence Suite (EIS) integrates artificial intelligence, IBM weather data, climate risk analysis and carbon accounting capabilities. According to IBM, companies can use these features to “prepare for weather and climate risks that can disrupt business, more easily assess their impact on the planet, and comply with regulations.” You can “reduce the complexity of reporting.”

Extreme and off-season weather is already affecting supply chains around the world, particularly contributing to the ongoing chip shortages. A less-than-normal storm led to water shortages around Taiwan, and sub-zero weather cut power in Texas earlier this year.

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report 2021 lists extreme weather events, climate change failure and man-made environmental damage as the top three most likely risks to businesses over the next decade. But IBM argues that it is difficult to gain insight into the work environment today.

The company’s suite of new tools is designed to help businesses assess climate risk and use built-in processes more effectively to meet climate goals. It achieves this by helping customers:

  • Monitor In case of catastrophic environmental conditions, it will send alerts when detected.
  • to foretell Possible effects of business-wide climate change and weather.
  • gain insight Get into potential upheaval and prioritize mitigation and response efforts.
  • Measurement and Reporting about environmental initiatives

The goal is to improve the efficiency of climate data curation and analysis using APIs, dashboards, maps and alerts.

IBM provides an example of how customers can use the insights from the tool.

“This suite can be used by retailers to prepare for transportation and inventory disruptions related to severe weather, or to address environmental risks in future warehousing locations. Energy and utility companies plant vegetation around power lines. Determine where to cut, or critical assets that could quickly increase the risk of mountain fires due to climate change, or use this suite for supermarket refrigeration systems overall for greenhouse gases. You can get a clearer picture of how you are contributing to emissions and prioritize places for improvement.

The use of AI in climate change is explained in the following URL. computingTech Impact Conference will be held in 2022.

IBM is looking to AI to predict and mitigate climate risk

Source Link IBM is looking to AI to predict and mitigate climate risk


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