Governments to conduct “technical assessments to ensure high level of data security” in UK and US transfers

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According to the government minister, UK officials have already carried out a “technical assessment” of the impact of a potential data validity arrangement with the United States.

The government announced last month that it would now like to put in place appropriate arrangements with various other countries as Britain completed its withdrawal from the European Union. Such an agreement effectively means that the country’s data protection regimes in question have been assessed and certified to provide at least the same security standards as the United Kingdom. This means that personal data can flow freely between UK organizations and national organizations that hold the right position.

The signing of suitability agreements was one of the top priorities of the United States government, along with Australia, Colombia, the Republic of Korea, Singapore and the Dubai International Financial Center.

According to Julia Lopez, who was recently appointed Minister of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, there is an ongoing transatlantic debate between representatives of the two governments.

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“Given our strong security, economic and trade ties, the United States is one of the UK’s most important partners,” she said. “We are actively involved with our US counterparts and conducting technical evaluations to ensure that a high level of data security is maintained under appropriate arrangements.”

Following the first tranche of priority countries and territories, the government has already shown that Brazil, India, Kenya and Indonesia are on the front lines of suitability agreements.

“International data transfer is vital to the global economy, society and individual life,” he said in response to a written question by Scottish National Party MP Owen Thompson. “Ensuring data adequacy arrangements with priority partners will be an important step in the UK’s ongoing plans to highlight the power of data to drive growth and innovation in the UK.”

After more than a year of debate, the UK signed its own data validity agreement with the EU in June, making it the 13th country or territory whose data protection regime is certified to comply with European law. has been done. Rice field.

Currently, the government has the power to make its own data validity decisions, but the more the situation in the UK differs from the EU, the greater the risk of jeopardizing the legality regime.

Many countries where the UK government prefers suitability agreements have no such arrangement with the EU. The European Union does not consider the United States to be the proper protection of the data of European citizens. Also, Australia, Colombia, Singapore, Dubai, Brazil, Indonesia, India and Kenya are not there yet.

Governments to conduct “technical assessments to ensure high level of data security” in UK and US transfers

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