Google will ban climate change denial ads from next month

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Climate change is one of the hottest topics of the day and it has affected no one. This is one of the most serious problems we face today, but still, there are people who deny the existence of climate change and rely on the internet to express their beliefs.

Most social media platforms were surprisingly passive to curb such content, but Google took the lead and advertisers, publishers and YouTube creators had an established scientific understanding of the existence and causes of climate change. You are no longer allowed to monetize ads or content that is contrary to your consensus.

This will come a week after YouTube clamp We will crack down on content that promotes misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine.

The company announced blog postIt will be implemented from November. This could be material that views climate change as a hoax or fraud, material that denies the Earth’s long-term tendency to warm its climate, or the long-term warming of the Earth due to greenhouse gas emissions and human activity. Is. Climate change.

Google has banned and banned ads on sensitive topics, but this is the first time we’ve added climate change denial to our list.

How does Google do this? The company said it would implement the policy by combining automated tools with human reviews. We consulted authoritative sources on climate science topics, including experts who contributed to the Intergovernmental Panel on the United Nations Climate Change Assessment Report.

“When evaluating content in the light of this new policy, we carefully examine the circumstances under which a claim is made and distinguish between material that states false claims as facts and material that reports claims.” or discuss.” Google said. However, search engines retain ads that are climate-related such as public discussions on climate policy, research, etc.

“Advertisers do not want ads to appear next to this content, and publishers and creators do not want ads that display these claims on their pages or videos. I read the blog post.

Google will ban climate change denial ads from next month

Source link Google will ban climate change denial ads from next month


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