Google wants to make search results “an endless stream of visual ideas”

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Google VP of Merchant Shopping Matt Madrigal has announced the addition of tools that will allow users to shop end-to-end on Google.

Google is redesigning its flagship search engine, and users may find that future results keep them in Google’s own properties for even longer.

Google showed off the latest advances in search results at its second annual search event, called Search On. The company promoted artificial intelligence and the ability to answer more specific and complex questions.

According to officials, a new AI technology called Multitasking Integrated Model (MUM), is 1,000 times more powerful than the BERT model, which boosts Google search. By deriving data from text, images and video, MUM will be able to tell users what they need for a particular hike on Mount Fuji.

Matt Madrigal, vice president of merchant shopping at Google, said searching for men’s sweatshirts will show more results, including links to retailers, blogs and YouTube review videos. The site will also make recommendations that will allow users to compare prices without having to click through, he said.

Madrigal cited the example of trying to find “the perfect hat for a small head” or “a great design based on snowboarding”.

Google’s parent, Alphabet, has expanded from online advertising to cloud computing, self-driving cars and other projects, but search remains the company’s lifeline. But as it grows, the company is also paying more for its collaborative content sites.

Last quarter, Google paid more than $1 billion for what Wall Street analysts had expected for traffic. These costs have increased by more than 50% as compared to the same period last year. Retaining users on a Google site is potentially one way to keep costs down.

Google has announced that it will introduce its image recognition technology, Google Lens, into its Chrome Internet browser so users can view search results alongside its website.

“Soon, a new button will appear in the Google app on the iPhone, and you’ll be able to quickly find all the images on the page,” Madrigal said. “You don’t have to leave your current website.”

The company said the site will also include store inventory.

Google Search vice president Elizabeth Reid said the company will expand the content displayed in search results.

Search vice president Pandu Nayak said anyone who took a screenshot of the shirt could receive recommendations from Google’s retailers.

For example, a person taking a picture of a bicycle might be looking for a way to fix a particular component.

“I’ll show you everything you need to get your bike back on track,” he said, showing search results from websites, videos and blogs. The first result shown in their demo was a video from YouTube.

Another Google vice president, Elizabeth Reed, said the search page would be “an endless stream of visual ideas.”

Google on Wednesday announced several updates to its search results page.

Google “Search On” event

She said she added a “what you need to know” section that gives step-by-step instructions on how the company might function or offer new technologies.

“For example, you can make an acrylic painting using things you have around your house,” Reid says. “After all, it has to do with all those old kitchen sponges.”

Reed said users can learn the “puddle” technique and search for famous painters.

“Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you see it,” she said.

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