Google files written to CCI after media leaked interim findings of an antitrust probe

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The Competition Commission of India is renowned for closely scrutinizing domestic businesses and ensuring compliance with all antitrust laws preventing the creation of monopolies. But sometimes everyone slips, and in the case of CCI, it confidential report Reports of an antitrust investigation into Google were leaked to the press. Currently unable to review or receive the report, Google has filed a written petition in the Delhi High Court to the CCI.

The company claims it intends to “oppose a remedy for this problem, specifically a breach of trust that undermines Google’s self-defense capabilities and harms Google and its partners.”

With the unlimited proliferation of Android OS, Google, which almost dominates the Indian smartphone market, has been accused of using its power to stifle competition. The report claimed that Google has reduced the ability and incentive for device makers to develop and sell alternative versions of Android.

Not only this. The report also found that Google’s requirement for device makers to pre-install apps violates competition law in India, which is also the world’s second largest internet market.

“Protecting sensitive information is the basis of a government investigation, and we seek relief and legal authority to prevent further illegal disclosure. Google is fully cooperating and following the legal rights. We have conducted a full investigation.” Privacy is maintained throughout the process, and we expect the same level of confidentiality from the institutions we work with,” a Google spokesperson said.

The company is concerned that media coverage poses a new challenge to the market’s image. Google argued that it could not provide any protection against reports it had not yet seen, and therefore decided to file a warrant for damage control.

But these claims aren’t the first time Google has been accused of anti-competitive practices. The high-tech giant faces similar charges in the United States, as presented by the US Department of Justice. antitrust proceedings Against last year’s company. Therefore, it will be interesting to see whether the findings of the CCI report can lead to similar measures against Google in India.

Google files written to CCI after media leaked interim findings of an antitrust probe

Source link Google files written to CCI after media leaked interim findings of an antitrust investigation


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