Google engineers help make Normitivity a carbon dioxide emissions tracker

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About 12 Google engineers are helping Swedish startup Normative build a new greenhouse gas emissions tracker.

Emissions calculation software is designed to help businesses calculate their environmental footprint. This is done by analyzing all transactions in a company’s accounting system, including energy charges, business trips, purchases of raw materials, and many other small items that companies often overlook.

“In short, what is measured is what is controlled,” Standard CEO and co-founder Christian Ron told CNBC. “We do this because we are facing a climate crisis and two-thirds of all emissions come from businesses.”

Normality, which announced on Wednesday that it has raised another €10 million ($11.5 million) from investors, claims it could help companies on the road to net zero emissions. “Analysing all their data can give them a bigger picture,” Ron said.

Founded seven years ago and first backed by billionaire investor Chris Sacca, the startup gives hundreds of companies, including French bank BNP Paribas, access to software at customer-sized rates. I am doing the billing.

Ron didn’t say how much the company would charge, but said it’s “much cheaper than hiring a sustainability consultant using an Excel spreadsheet to get the job done.”

starter edition

Google engineers are helping Normatic build a free “starter version” of the product, Ron said, that will debut in early November with the United Nations in time for the COP26 climate conference.

“They sent us dozens of their best engineers,” Ron said.

Google employees participated in the normal full-time free service for six months beginning October 1.

The search giant’s engineering support will be provided after Google backed the company for €1 million through its charity,, earlier this year.

Jane Carter, head of technology and volunteer at, told CNBC that accurate measurement of carbon emissions is essential if small businesses want to understand the impact of their behavior. told. “We are excited to be able to provide both funding and technicians to help normative build solutions that make measurement more accessible,” she said.

Certainly, the burning of fossil fuels is a major factor in the climate crisis, but the world’s reliance on energy sources such as oil and gas will only worsen in the coming decades. This happens even as world leaders and CEOs repeatedly proclaim their commitment to the so-called “energy transformation”.

Of the roughly 400 million companies worldwide, only a handful are responsible for carbon dioxide emissions, with SMEs and north-south companies larger and more than north-south companies, Ron said. It is unlikely to track emissions, he said.

“Them [businesses] In fact, it is only a small part of the total emissions, so it is a big problem,” he said.

Many companies only record emissions for relatively easy-to-track things like electricity, Ron said. “But for most businesses it’s only 10% or so,” he said. “Most of it is in the supply chain.”

Prior to Normative, he studied the risk of global catastrophic exposure with the renowned Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom at Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute.

“I left Oxford and started Criterion because I wanted to make the risk viable,” he said. “What we’re doing today is really a kind of madness that will affect future generations in the next thousands, or even thousands, of years, not just hundreds of years. Steward on Earth. With a ship We can make a big, big difference.”

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