Former Theranos employee Adeline says Holmes told her to hide part of lab

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]San Jose, Calif. Daniel Adrin, a former Theranos project manager who was a friend of Elizabeth Holmes’ brother, said Friday that Holmes would hide some of the company’s labs from potential investors and other important visitors. I testified that I said this.

Adeline, who worked for Theranos from September 2011 to December 2016, attended Duke University and became friends with Christian Holmes, the younger brother of the Theranos founder. He told a jury in a criminal trial at Elizabeth Holmes that during a tour in Theranos, visitors would be shown a demo room equipped with the company’s blood-testing technology, the MiniLab.

The former President of Holmes and Theranos, Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, decides where the guests will go.

“I remember before the tour there was a special area of ​​the lab that was hidden by dividers,” said Adrien, who reported directly to Holmes. “often [it was] The area where Theranos equipment was located so that no one on tour could see them. “

Holmes’ trial began last month and prosecutors continue to call witnesses. The founders of Theranos have been charged with 12 wire fraud and conspiracy after the blood-testing startup collapsed in 2015. Holmes pleaded not guilty. Balwani will also be tried.

Adrien told the jury that his job at the company was to focus on supporting relationships with business partners such as Walgreens. He said that he would leave Theranos to attend business school, adding, “I no longer believe it, based on what I saw at the time, behind what the company claims about its skills.” Can stand. Down”.

His departure comes nearly a year after the Wall Street Journal appeared in a series of articles about technical and business flaws in the company.

“I don’t want to be in that environment anymore,” he said. Adrin said he didn’t know until 2016 that MiniLab was not being used by patients.

Adrien was one of many friends of the Duke’s Holmes brothers who went to work in Theranos. He said that they interviewed as a group.

“We weren’t discussing too many details at the time, but it looked like there were many possibilities,” Adrien said.

Adrien told the jury that Holmes was in the office “early in the morning until late at night” and visited frequently on weekends. He said that he had time to meet with Holmes every day.

His testimony continues on Tuesday.

Holmes’ defense attorney, Lance Wade, told the judge Friday that he had “serious problems” with a series of prosecutors’ questions for some witnesses, including former laboratory director Sunil Davan and Adam Rosendorff. I have. “

Wade said some of the questions the prosecutor asked former lab employees seemed to suggest that Theranos employees were tampering with information and data.

“There were questions from two witnesses that gave the impression that we had basic tampering and data integrity issues in our ears,” Wade said. “There is no evidence of that in this case,” he said.

Wade said the series of questions “clearly had a very negative impact on our customers.”

Jeff Schenk, an assistant U.S. federal prosecutor who charged the case, intends to show Davan question to the jury that he is speculating about what is happening in the lab. said.

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